After family struggles to get coronavirus test results, Manassas man found positive for COVID-19

Titou Phommachanh (left) tested positive for COVID-19 on March 15, according to his wife, Amanda Phommachanh.

With her husband already fighting the coronavirus in a local hospital, a Manassas woman said Tuesday that her oldest daughter has now tested positive for COVID-19.

The 9-year-old doesn't currently have any symptoms and will remain home, mother Amanda Phommachanh said Tuesday in a video on social media. Amanda and her two other daughters also don't have any symptoms. The rest of her family was offered to take a test, but Amanda said she has declined. 

The family has been staying at home since March 11, when Titou Phommachanh went to the hospital with coronavirus symptoms. He tested positive Sunday.

Amanda urged others in the community to avoid large gatherings and remain at home.

"Suck it up and stay home, call for delivery, stop going out," Amanda said. "Please, this is not a joke, this is people's lives." 

In a message on social media earlier Tuesday afternoon, Amanda said Titou has been in stable condition at Inova Fairfax Hospital for about 36 hours.

With her three daughters surrounding her, Amanda said fear has been overwhelming, but she is relying on her faith to help her through this situation.

"We're thankful God has got this," she said. "I just got to trust that he does. He's got Titou in his hands and he's lifting him up and healing him."

Amanda said her husband has so far had two days of a 10-day experimental drug for COVID-19, and he has not had any negative side effects.

She said the family doesn't need anything and her sister-in-law is helping out with the children.

"Just keep praying, that's all we can ask of everybody," she said.

Similar to stories nationwide of limited testing, Titou's family had struggled for days to get test results before finally getting a second coronavirus test over the weekend and the eventual diagnosis.

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