Haymarket cadet nominated for Sons of American Revolution prize

Cadet 2Lt Jeffrey Lazar, center, receives a Bronze Medallion and Certificate from Col. William Grayson Chapter of the SAR.

Jeffrey Lazar, a student at Battlefield High School in Haymarket, was nominated by the Col. William Grayson Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) to compete at the state level in the enhanced JROTC competition sponsored by the Virginia Society, Sons of the American Revolution. The goal of the JROTC Program is to “Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens.” The winner of the State competition will be entered into the National Outstanding JROTC Recognition program. The winner of the national program will receive a special award at the SAR National Congress.

In order to qualify for the competition, cadets must, in addition to other hurdles, be in the upper 25% of their academic class and also in the upper 10% of their JROTC class. Additionally, cadets must submit a letter of recommendation from the Senior Military Instructor indicating the cadet's leadership strengths and the High School Principal indicating the cadet's notable school activities to include GPA and class rank. Cadets must also write an essay on the topic, "How JROTC has prepared me to be a better citizen of the United States of America".

Col. William Grayson Chapter President Mike Wyler, assisted by Compatriot John Callaway, awarded Cadet 2Lt Jeffrey Lazar a Bronze Medallion and Certificate, together with a check, in recognition of his achievement, at the Chapter’s meeting on March 14.

The Colonel William Grayson Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution serves Prince William County and western Fairfax County. Membership in the Sons of the American Revolution is open to the lineal descendant of a Revolutionary War soldier, sailor or Patriot. This includes persons who not only fought in the military or militia, but who also may have provided supplies, medical aid, signed oaths of Faith and Fidelity and similar acts. Contact the chapter’s registrar Michael Blythe mblythe@comcast.net for help in applying for membership.

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