Youth for Tomorrow aerial

A 2014 aerial photo of the Youth for Tomorrow campus in Bristow.

Youth for Tomorrow, a Bristow nonprofit that offers counseling services and housing to children in need of support, will soon build five additional homes on its 105-acre campus. 

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors voted 7-0 on Nov. 26 to approve the nonprofit’s request to rezone its 181-acres property to planned business district, while the nonprofit will agreed to buffers around the site and impact fees paid to the county. The development includes space for a data center to be built on the property, located off Linton Hall Road near the intersection with Nokesville Road.

A representative of the nonprofit said the data center will create funding for the nonprofit and it won’t generate a lot of traffic. 

The nonprofit agreed to preserve about 30% of the property as open space and said the proposed data center will not be visible from Linton Hall Road.


The board also authorized spending $10 million toward a Virginia Railway Express project to expand the Broad Run station in Brentsville.

According to county staff, the $25 million project will allow VRE to add more rail cars to commuter trains, expand its maintenance storage to accommodate more and longer trains, and add 600 parking spaces north of the railroad tracks, as well as a pedestrian tunnel to connect the new parking to the existing platform and a new third mainline track between Manassas and Broad Run stations. 

There will also be improvements to the existing platform, according to county staff. The project is expected to be completed by 2024. 

The new $10 million contribution will pay for the new parking area, and was agreed to last year. It will come from federal funds set aside for county transportation projects. According to staff, the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority has the final approval to allocate the money to the VRE project.

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Henry Howell

It's sickening to see the demented thoughts of these thugs demonstrated on Prince William county local paper comment sections, these people walk among us, yet harbor such evil and hatred in their hearts.


yeah, because wanting a safe neighborhood is so evil...

Henry Howell

I don't see how allowing programs like Youth For Tomorrow which care for at-risk youth, and help them improve their lives hurt people. Without facilities like this your neighborhood would be less safe.

Tom Manson

Try any of the FOX news article comments. Bunch of uneducated racists.


Great, let’s allow YFT to grow even bigger so they can house even more underage illegal aliens that they will eventually dump into our community.

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