Dumfries Mayor Gerald Foreman II surprised the small town as he stepped down from his post during a council meeting Wednesday.

In a letter to town staff and council, Foreman said he saw no reason to continue in the position after voters chose his successor, Derrick Wood, in an election May 1.

Foreman did not run for re-election after holding the post for six years.

“There is no reason to reside as Mayor through June 2018,” he said.

Foreman added, “I stand ready to assist the Mayor-elect if requested. The current Vice-Mayor [Cliff Brewer] is more than capable of presiding over a handful of council meetings.”

“Serving as Mayor has been an honor and I have enjoyed representing the citizens and business owners of the Town of Dumfries,” Foreman said. “We have accomplished a lot since May 2012 and I could not have achieved the successes without the cooperation of Council and the hard work of Town Staff.”

Dumfries 2018 Results

Candidate Total
Mayor - Brewer 142
Mayor - Wood 389
COUNCIL (3) =====
Brenda Via 177
Selonia Miles 300
Cydny Neville 271
Monae Nickerson 341
James Turner 151
Tyrone Brown 175
100% reporting

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Sounds like he's taking his ball and going home. Maybe a little upset he lost? Hard to tell in this article but why would he just up and resign so quickly?


How can he be upset that he lost when he didn't even run?

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