A Manassas-based developer is proposing to replace the metal dry docks and a couple of existing buildings on Mill Street in Occoquan to build 88 condos and retail space, along with a 235-space parking garage. 

The project would include a riverwalk that will run the entire length of the development along the Occoquan River and could be used by the general public. 

Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Investments has proposed to build the Mill at Occoquan on nearly 1 acre from 401 to 411 Mill St. Aside from the towering dry dock pilings, the five parcels include one business — Artaville Rugs and Upholstery at 407 Mill St. — an empty lot and two vacant buildings.


The developer plans a five-story building with the condos and about 6,600 square feet of retail space, according to town officials.

The riverwalk is planned to have two entrances, one on each end of the development, said Kevin Sills, president of Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Investments. On the western end closest to the Mill House Museum at 412 Mill St., the developer has proposed building stairs from the sidewalk to the riverwalk. The developer is planning to install lights and planter boxes along the riverwalk to enhance its use and charm, according to the application. 

The developer is requesting a permit to allow residential use on properties zoned as general business. It will also ask the town for an increase in the maximum height from 35 feet to 63.61 feet, and to waive a required setback from the road of 5 feet.

The developer has proposed to build one- to two-bedroom condos, many of which will have balconies overlooking either the Occoquan River or the town, according to the permit application. 

Sills said the company has been building projects for 35 years, and the proposed design includes parking for residents and retail customers, Sills said. “We’re completely self-sufficient on our parking.”


The proposed development would create about 864 trips daily, Sills said, which would be less than if the company built an office or a hotel, which could be built on the land by right and without a special-use permit. An office would generate 1,109 vehicle trips daily, and a hotel would create 892 trips daily, Sills said. 

The town’s planning commission has scheduled a public hearing for the proposal on Tuesday, Sept. 24, at 6:30 p.m. at the Occoquan Town Hall, 314 Mill St. This meeting will be the first time the public can offer feedback on the plan. 

At the meeting, the planning commission could approve or deny the application, approve the application with required changes or request additional information from the applicant and schedule another hearing, said Kathleen Leidich, Occoquan’s town manager. 

After the planning commission has made its recommendation, the application will head to the town council to consider and hold a public hearing, Leidich said.

The applicant is also requesting a special exception to build in a floodplain, which will be processed during the final site plan review and approval process, Leidich said.

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Great development! Occoquan needs parking and a more attractive river boardwalk and this does both.


This would ruin what is special about Occoquan! The aesthetic of the structure is way off base. If a project like this is inevitable I would hope they would put more of an effort into matching the historic feel of the town. Now it just feels and looks invasive.


WTF are people thinking??? There is no way that Mill street could ever hope to absorb the amount of traffic that this place is going to generate on a daily basis. Also, look out for the bait and switch. The developers are really planning to drop an apartment building in that place, they always claim to be building condos and at the last second claim they have to change to apartments. Just look down at Rivergate apartments if you don’t believe me.


That's a terrible idea...Mill Street can't handle that type of traffic. Occoquan is at full capacity for any type of development. Think about the traffic coming off 123 into Occoquan...add those stop signs and traffic lights.

Occoquan Lover

A real travesty! Its just all about the money! Who is this developer???? This will ruin the history and atmosphere of this precious town! If this happens many like myself will cease to visit and patronize Occoquan !!!


Wow that is ugly! It totally doesn't look like a building that belongs in Occoquan.

Traffic wise - how can Occoquan support anymore residents? It's already difficult to navigate the streets at certain times of day. What I would like to see, is a return to more of the engaging shops that had been there in years past. it used to have quite a variety of items that could not easily be found elsewhere. More recently there seems to be a lack of that type of shop.

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