Jose Reyes Alfaro

Jose Reyes Alfaro, 40, pleaded guilty this week to shooting and stabbing six people in Manassas in 2011, killing three.

A Manassas man who shot and stabbed six people in February 2011, killing three, pleaded guilty in Prince William Circuit Court on Wednesday.

A judge sentenced Jose Oswaldo Reyes Alfaro, now 40, to seven life terms plus 23 years in prison for the “horrendous” crimes in the city’s Georgetown South neighborhood, said Prince William Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul Ebert.

On the night of Feb. 10, Reyes Alfaro shot his estranged girlfriend, 56-year-old Brenda Ashcraft; her son, 37-year-old William Ashcraft; a 34-year-old woman and a 15-year-old girl. The woman and the teen survived, but Brenda and William Ashcraft were killed.

Reese Alfanso then went to a house nearby on Brent Street, where he shot and killed 48-year-old Julio Cesar Ulloa and repeatedly stabbed a 77-year-old woman. The woman survived.

Reyes Alfaro was captured that night and charged with three counts of capital murder.

Ebert said the case against Reyes Alfaro went back and forth for years, with the suspect being declared incompetent to stand trial in December 2012.

After treatment at a mental facility, a new trial was scheduled earlier this year but was delayed by pre-trial motions.

On Wednesday, Reyes Alfaro pleaded guilty to three counts of murder, malicious wounding, use of a firearm in a burglary and other charges, Ebert said.

Reyes Alfaro is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador who had been in the United States for nine years when the crimes occurred. He had been scheduled for deportation in 2002, but it was never enforced. He will remain in the U.S. to serve out his prison sentences.


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Mini Duck

Hey,Big Foot, I am guessing that you have never heard HAIL USED LIKE THIS BEFORE ? YOU NEED TO COME IN OUT OF THE STORM, as this is what is used in the 2000's, rather than the place some will go when they die . InPWCSince69......Who are you to say GUILTY AS SIN? WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE ?? The guy from Bristow is not sitting in jail by CHOICE, He has not been found guilty by Reasonable Doubt, has he ? I stand by what I say. I remember you when the home in Lake Jackson burned, and the comment you used then, was about as DUMB as your comment is now. I have been here a lot longer than you have (PWC, and On Earth) And I do believe I have forgot more than you will ever know about PWC. It is people like you that don't belong in PWC. Brad, if I might add just one thing to your comment, Our Country Was Being Destroyed Long Before Obama, we can't just put the blame on him. It goes way back.

Brad London

Jose Oswaldo Reyes Alfaro is one of THOUSANDS illegals living in our society. Supreme Dictator 0bama and his minions want them all to come in and simply call them "undocumented" people.

Give me a break. Anyone who voted for 0bama and continue to vote for liberals are destroying this country as evidenced byJose Oswaldo Reyes Alfaro.




The feds are shipping more of them here for "humanitarian" purposes while Maryland lobbied to keep them out of their state. How many more of our children have to die before this administration along with Hillary fundraiser and their party takes this problem seriously? Why do they hate our children so much?


Hopefully "Prison Justice" is done to this illegal alien tick. This beaner should've never been here in the first place.


So, if they had deported this POS like they were supposed to, we'd have 3 more people living today. Real nice. Send his @$$ back to El Salvador's prison system or death penalty!!!!! How does one cause this much havoc and not get a death sentence? I'm so sick of these illegals leaching off our system, whether that be sucking the life out of our welfare system or living on our tax dollars in the prison system- SICK OF IT ALL!!


Let them finish repaving my driveway and landscaping my yard first!! hahahha


Lol, okay after all paving and landscaping jobs are completed FIRST!

Mini Duck

Wow, can't believe our tax dollars will feed him for the rest of his SORRY ASS LIFE!! He wasn't LEGAL TO BEGIN WITH, NOW HE GET'S TO STAY IN OUR COUNTRY AND LIVE ???? I SAY HAIL NO,!!!! KILL HIM, IS THIS JUSTICE ? AGAIN I SAY, HAIL NO,!!!! ARE YOU EVEN THINKING ABOUT HIS FAMILY?? AGAIN I SAY HAIL NO!!!!! I THINK IT'S TIME TO REPLACE PAUL EBERT, I FEEL AS THO HIS AGE IS PREVENTING HIS BRAIN TO FUNCTION PROPERLY. !!!! Come on Mr. Ebert, the guy that you said killed another guy in BRISTOW years ago, due to DRUGS is still fighting an appeal, and still in jail, and if I remember correctly, YOU GAVE HIM THE DEATH PENALTY!!!! Even if I am wrong, the fact is, he got as much time for saying NOT GUILTY, AS THIS ASS GOT FOR SAYING GUILTY!!!! COME ON PEOPLE, GET IT TOGETHER AND PROTEST IN FRONT OF PAUL EBERT'S OFFICE!!! DO I HEAR A HAIL YES ???


Take your concerns to Mr. Obama he is the one who refuses to enforce the lasw already on the books.

The slime in Bristow should rot where he sits, he is guilty as sin...BTW he is getting free food and bed for the rest of his days also!

Wayne D.

Hey Mini Duck. Are we expecting some serious storms with HAIL?

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