Prince William County hosted a ribbon cutting for the $4 million Neabsco Creek Boardwalk on Saturday. 

The boardwalk access is located at Rippon Landing Park, 15125 Blackburn Road, to the wetlands. The three quarters of a mile long, 10-foot-wide, elevated boardwalk includes a two-story observation deck. and will serve as a place where people can walk across the wetlands to get away from the hustle and bustle to see one of the natural settings of Prince William County.

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When do residential streets and sidewalks in PW's older neighborhoods get repaved?

Allen Muchnick

@ "Charles",

As a resident of Arlington County (which is plainly evident from your comment history), why do you care?

Since virtually all residential streets and sidewalks (where they exist) in Prince William County are owned and maintained by either VDOT or some private entity, such as an HOA, this excellent open space facility, which significantly enhances livability in Prince William County, did not take even one dime away from repaving or building streets, roads, or sidewalks.


Who’s going to keep these lands clean of trash? We can barely keep our parks looking clean.


I'd say, all of us! I just made my first walk along the boardwalk. I'm going to put a trash bag and a grabber or gloves in my pocket. The wildlife had strewn stuff in the plastic garbage bags all over but if everyone picks up a plastic bottle or paper box, that's one less thing that will end up in the waterways. I've been waiting to see this for several years and I think it's one of the best uses of public monies that I've seen for the public's use.

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