Prince William County Bar Association Hosts Investitures of Judges Turkessa Bynum Rollins and Angela Lemmon Horan

The Prince William County Bar Association hosted the investitures of Judge Turkessa Bynum Rollins to Prince William General District Court and Judge Angela Lemmon Horan to Prince William Circuit Court on June 28.  

Rollins was appointed to a six-year term, filling the vacancy created by the elevation of Horan to an eight-year term, filling the vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Lon E. Farris.

“It’s important to remember that judges are elected [by the General Assembly] as independent, constitutional officers, just like the clerk, commonwealth’s attorney and sheriff,” said Sen. Scott Surovell, D-44th District. “We elect them to exercise their independent judgement on behalf of the citizens of Prince William County.  They are an expression of our democracy.”  

Surovell noted he “looks for people who bring a little something different to the bench.”  

“Horan distinguished herself in her career by becoming the county attorney,” he said. “That local government experience will be an asset to this bench as well as to the judges all over Northern Virginia.”

Rollins was introduced by Chidi James, a law school classmate and long-time friend.  

He spoke about how she, attended law school at night, while working full time and caring for her daughter, Tyasia. 

“No matter how full her plate was — she would always take time to help others,” James said.

Rollins pledged to work hard to make the right decisions from the bench, and to follow the inspiring words on a gift from her church family: Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you.  Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you.

Horan said that she and her brothers and sisters “learned the value of fairness, hard work and empathy from my parents, who taught us these things by example.  They showed us the way to live. I’ve been so fortunate in my career to have always worked with people who lead and taught by example.”

Horan thanked the late Sen. Chuck Colgan “for being one of the first people to believe I could do this.” She promised to work very hard to do a good job in her new position. 

“I’m also going to keep working to conduct myself like a member of the community that deserved to have Chuck Colgan represent them,” Horan said.

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