Prince William County to convert Woodbridge commuter lot into a park

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors plan to replace the unused Harbor Drive commuter lot in Woodbridge with a new park. 

The board voted unanimously Tuesday to abandon the 2.5-acre lot at 13020 and 13030 Harbor Drive off Minnieville Road near the Telegraph Road intersection. 

The county is set to notify the Virginia Department of Transportation about its plan to abandon the lot next month, according to a memo from Ric Canizales, the county’s transportation director.

Supervisor Ruth Anderson, R-Occoquan, said the Occoquan district lacks green space. “The lot has been growing weeds for years,” she said. 

The park will have a focus on wellness, with amenities for children and adults, Anderson said. 

The county’s parks, recreation and tourism department will construct the new park. The department currently manages more than 50 parks across 4,000 acres.

The assessed value of the commuter lot is $991,600, according to the Prince William County real estate assessments website. 

OmniRide, the county’s bus service provider, does not offer bus service to the Harbor Drive commuter lot, said Christine Rodrigo, OmniRide’s spokeswoman.  

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The site would look better if they took all that unneeded asphalt out of there and replaced it with grass and trees.

Tom Fitzpatrick

Assuming that the big picture has been analyzed, and a determination that the lot is not necessary for commuters, this would be a good use.

I haven't commuted for a few years, but, it seemed to me that there was a chronic lack of commuter parking, aggravated by the extensive use of PWC commuter parking and buses and slug lines by non-PWC residents coming from Stafford.

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