After hundreds of residents protested in recent days in response to the killing of George Floyd, the Prince William Board of County Supervisors will create a cultural diversity commission to look at race relations in the county’s .

Supervisor Margaret Franklin, D-Woodbridge, proposed a directive to create the new commission. Since no one objected, the directive was approved.

"We need a platform to engage citizens," Franklin said during the meeting. "We need to be there to listen. We need to dig deeper to understand race issues from people who've lived it."

It's important to gain a deeper understanding of these issues, Franklin said.

"We need to dive in on this, because I think that's where we've messed up as a country," she said.

Lt. Col. Jarad Phelps with Prince William County Police told the board at its meeting Tuesday the police department has spent $175,000 covering the multiple protests in the county and Manassas. He also said they're aware of further planned protests in coming days.

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Really? Isn't that what black history month is for? Why are we wasting taxpayers dollars on this... Doesn't creating this scream prejudice to you when it only caters to blacks and minorities? How about spend taxpayers money fixing Rt1 that these protesters marched down? How about they use the sidewalks we paid for instead of using our tax dollars to pay the dozens of officers to block it off..... What happened when people needed EMS services and they were unable to arrive in a timely manner??? How about growing over your insecurities and act like an adult and you'll be treated just as every other working American.


Isn't there already black history month? Why waste taxpayers dollars on something that doesn't contribute to the entire county, isn't that the definition of prejudice? Just like the taxpayers dollars today employing the dozens of officers to block Rt1... God knows how many people needed EMS services at that time that were unable to get timely assistance due to the protesters? Isn't that why the county placed sidewalks on RT1????


This society

we live in is ridiculous! What could it hurt, why are some people so scared of diversity. Everyone pays taxes so why not address everyone's concerns. Get involved if you have a problem with it and leave a positive mark on Society!


There will be no true diversity of thought, only an overarching skin color that will state their grievances...kinda like a long-running protest, but we get to pay for it now as taxpayers. Nothing novel or courageous about this. Just knee-jerk. Like what happened with 9/11, where they created the TSA to grope you. It could be a great thing, but my guess is it will not because they will only push their agenda. Good luck with that though. It'll last only as long as democrats are in charge of the Board.


the comments posted so far reinforce the necessity for a countywide cultural diversity committee

Henry Howell

I agree with you 100% mlcgc.


obvious pandering. do nothing committee that will absorb taxpayer dollars yet provide no worth.

SL Sims

Well, I voted against the leftist county supervisor I got stuck with. How 'bout you?

SMH. Maybe PWC residents will learn before the next round of elections.


Why not have a commission that looks into keeping all of the real taxpayers and businesses in the county and stop fooling around pandering to a group which does not have two nickels to rub together! I want to see the County "make budget" having to rely on its "diversity" citizens to pay the bills. Can we say "Chapter 11 Bankruptcy."

Antonio Marisol

Really, Emily? THIS is what you took from last night’s meeting? Not that the Democrats broke Virginia law with their meeting on Sunday?


Margaret Franklin couldn’t have chosen what to take away from that meeting any better for you.

Pershing 1a

Cultural Diversity = America's demise. Try this on for size. Everyone acts civilized regardless of their race or creed and assimilate into the American fabric so we can all get along. This is nothing but more pandering by idiot politicians.

Joe Christmas

Hopefully not a penny of our tax dollars goes to this.

Brad London

What a waste of time and money. Ignorant politicians...


dont they usually do this every couple of years its all politics

Zed Rahl

Translation: "diversity" = minority. There will be no white input allowed.

Catherine Simmons

BINGO your got that right

PWC resident since '69

Is this window dressing like most diversity committees are, where only skin color counts or will people respect, embrace and TOLERATE diversity of thought??

Paul Benedict

These fools will tell you that expressing opposition to their lunacy is hate speech and the 1st Amendment was not intended for hate speech. Be sure you get their permission before expressing opinions the commision doesn't approve of.

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