The Prince William Board of County Supervisors is the latest local government looking to rename a portion of Jefferson Davis Highway.

The supervisors voted 7-0 at the board meeting Tuesday to request the Commonwealth Transportation Board rename the local portion of U.S. 1 from Jefferson Davis Highway to Richmond Highway.

Davis was president of the Confederacy, noted Supervisor Margaret Franklin, D-Woodbridge. Supervisor Pete Candland, R-Gainesville, was absent from the vote. 

U.S. 1 is currently named Richmond Highway in Fairfax and Arlington counties and in Alexandria, according to the board’s resolution.

The name change, if approved by the Commonwealth Transportation Board, would impact property owners along about 12 miles of roadway and a total of 940 addresses, according to county staff. 

Staff plan to reach out to businesses about the proposed name change starting in November and through July 2023. The transportation board could provide approval by February 2021.

Staff estimated the county’s cost in fiscal year 2022 will be $1.2 million to cover address analysis, notification process, street signs and database and records update, according to county staff. In addition, staff estimated the cost to mitigate impacts to businesses would range from $1 million to $3.8 million. 

Supervisor Victor Angry, D-Neabsco, said during the meeting he supports the renaming.

“We have a past in this country and it’s a fact,” Angry said. “I do support renaming Jefferson Davis Highway. I do truly believe this is the right thing to do.”

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Guns of Brixton remake was my favorite


The Clash had some good songs but this want their best. Rock the Casbah and Should I Stay or Should I Go were better. Their support of the Red Brigade was unfortunate. To be sure, they were leftists.


Sticks and stones ... oh wait, its 2020 .... in our new society words are bad! thoughts ae bad! I need a safe zone!!!!! How dare you bring up that subject! You're free as long as you don't say or do anything!!!! You all should read the novel 1984. The democratic party has brought us there. Now mind your thoughts!


This is a public service announcement

With guitar

Know your rights

All three of them

Number one

You have the right not to be killed

Murder is a crime

Unless it was done

By a policeman

Or an aristocrat

Oh, know your rights

And number two

You have the right to food money

Providing of course

You don't mind a little

Investigation, humiliation

And if you cross your fingers


Know your rights

These are your rights

Hey, say, Wang

Oh, know these rights

Number three

You have the right to free speech

As long as

You're not dumb enough to actually try it

Know your rights

These are your rights

Oh, know your rights

These are your rights

All three of 'em


It has been suggested in some quarters

That this is not enough


Get off the streets


Get off the streets


Biden could not even get a sentence out yesterday. Democrats will lose this election no reason to worry anymore.


how about Jeff Davis hwy


Our resident KKK loving commenter is on today.


Hmm, don’t think he’s a Democrat.


Jefferson Davis is the true father of the modern Democrat party


Is that all you have today Fake? Let's talk about the tapes of Trump lying about the virus and him saying negative things about the military which are all true. You folks still support this liar and loser and I bet you are all embarrassed as heck now. Now go back and hide in your shell.


Do you even do any research before you post your crazy nonsense on here? You act like you are in the know on everything and only you know the truth! You need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid and give it a rest. You love Biden and that's is the only fact that can be ascertained from your rants. You better research him and his history in the Government as you might get a big surprise. Anyway, Richmond highway is fine, as they are going to spend all this money to change the name from the President of the Confederacy to Richmond Highway the Capital of the Confederacy!! Works for me. If you all had any brains you would just let it be Route 1 and save all that money.


Yawn. Nobody and I mean nobody cares about fake news anymore. This just another fake news bombshell that turned into a dud in less then 24hrs. We expect to see these duds come out about once a week until Nov 3rd. The MSM has lost all credibility and nobody believes anything they say anymore. So go back to your Biden worship, who has to have the MSM post his answers to their questins on a freaking TelePrompter. Biden is also on tape dropping the "N" bomb in the halls of Congress! He is a 50 yr career politician who devoted his career To Offshoring Jobs, Opening Borders, Endless Wars’. You sir have been played and you are too much of an idiot to even realize it.


What specific policies (of the current administration) do you agree with and how were they used in the last 4 years? How have those policies fared domestically and internationally? Do you see laws as a guideline or absolute?



I'm sorry about these rubes who are constantly attacking you they listen to Rush Limbaugh all day, and then Hannity and Carlson, along with a helping of Facebook and Breitbart these people are high off the right wing media propaganda circus supply. You are one of the few sane voices in the comment section, keep at it.


Doesn't make much sense the Democrats all voted to change the name of that traitor, while quite a few Rethuglicans were absent. The day Barry Goldwater became GOP nominee in 64 running on opposition to civil rights on the basis of "states rights" and LBJ the man who signed into legislation the great society and civil rights into law, things changed.

I was once a Rockefeller Republican supporting people like Nelson Rockefeller, Gerald Ford, John Warner, John Anderson, Jim Jeffords, Arlen Specter, George HW Bush, and Olympia Snowe. Left leaning Republicans are gone and have now been replaced with authoritarian populists who long supported the Confederacy, Dixie, and the criminal ideology known as "conservatism" which seeks to establish feudalism in the US.

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