Ron Terwilliger speaks at APAH celebration

Ron Terwilliger speaks before accepting the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing’s 2018 “Celebrate Home” honor during a ceremony held Oct. 17, 2017, at Clarendon Ballroom. (Photo by Lloyd Wolf)

Since its founding, the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH) has focused its energies exclusively on Arlington. But that is starting to evolve.

The non-profit affordable-housing agency recently closed on Snowden’s Ridge, a housing community in Silver Spring.

“We are thrilled to expand into this new jurisdiction and preserve the affordability of 87 homes,” the organization said, noting that it had worked with the Montgomery County government and Atlantic Union Bank in securing funding.

Noting that “APAH will continue to be deeply committed to our hometown,” the organization’s CEO said there will be more forays outside the county’s borders.

“The housing-affordability crisis extends far beyond Arlington,” Nina Janopaul told the Sun Gazette. “Though APAH has focused on addressing this issue and need exclusively in Arlington for 30 years, we feel we can make more impact in the region without losing focus on our commitment to Arlington’s low-income residents.”

On the horizon are additional projects in Fairfax and Loudoun counties.

“However, our activity in Arlington continues to grow. We have over 700 affordable apartments that we are planning to open in Arlington over the next four years – including 173 in Gilliam Place [on Columbia Pike] later this summer,” Janopaul said.

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APAH's taxpyer funded 'affordable housing' in Arlington is a scam. Cost of construction is $450,000 per unit and the workforce (e.g., retail and restaurant employees) is excluded because they don't earn enough.

So what is the intent of APAH's press release and Inside Nova's informercial? Work in a low wage job in Arlington commute to Montgomery County where APAH is offering workforce affordable apartments?

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