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The Alliance for Housing Solutions and Housing Arlington will host an online meeting to discuss the “Missing Middle Housing Study Research Compendium” on Wednesday, Sept. 2.

The event will focus on an overview of Arlington’s current housing inventory, provide background information on housing affordability, review land-use and zoning policies, and detail how the documents will be used as part of a major county-government housing study that is on the horizon.

The event, which will begin at 7 p.m., will be held on the Zoom platform. For information and registration, see the Website at

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Home being built in the ABOVE photo appears to be constructed on what was once farmland. Housing for the underpaid employees of local media outlets who can't afford to live inside the DC Beltway?


[rolleyes]Another "Smart Growth" scam, like Car-Free Diet and Urban Village. Tear down a small $800,000 single family detached home and put 4 attached homes at $800,000 each on the lot and the County Board's pet developers laugh all the way to the bank, more stormwater has to be disposed of, more mature trees lost, more APS students at $20,000 per student per year, more vehicles of all kinds on formerly residential streets, more residents with no back yards using what were formerly neighborhood parks, streets, and sidewalks for recreation, County "Planning" Staff who don't and won't live in the County get to facilitate, and as usual, the greedy local media (whose owners also won't live in Arlington) get windfall revenue from real estate advertisding and infomercials.

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