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Residents of Maywood soon may find it less onerous to make rudimentary changes to their properties.

County Board members in coming months are expected to approve a change in rules governing the community’s local historic district, shifting some of the workload from the Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (HALRB) to county historic-preservation staff.

Based on the draft proposal headed for County Board consideration, nearly half of current projects that require HALRB action would instead by vetted through staff.

It is a proposal that has the support of the Maywood Community Association and of county staff. “Review in these cases can be expedited without fear of compromising the architectural integrity” of the Maywood historic district, staff said in a report to the HALRB.

The 46-acre Maywood community, which comprises about 300 structures, became a local historic district in 1990. Unlike the largely ceremonial National Register of Historic Places (on which the community also resides), a local historic district enforces protections on the exteriors of properties, requiring a certificate of appropriateness from the HALRB to make many changes.

Some of the homes in the community date as far back as the 1900-10 era, many of the earliest in the Queen Anne and Colonial Revival styles. In the 1910s-20s, Craftsman homes and bungalows became more prevalent, while during the 1930s, Tudor-infused homes came into fashion while the Colonial Revival style made a comeback in Maywood.

“While changing with the times, it has managed to retain its sense of identity, community and architectural character throughout its history,” staff said of the neighborhood, which is bounded roughly by Lorcom Lane to the north, Interstate 66 to the east, Lee Highway to the south and North Nelson Street to the west.

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