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Homeowners across the region were getting more, on a per-square-foot basis, for their properties during the first eight months of the year compared to 2019, according to new data.

Each of the five major jurisdictions in Northern Virginia saw boosts in average sales price per square foot in the January-to-August timeframe, according to data reported in mid-September by MarketStats by ShowingTime.

As always, the average varied significantly by locality:

• The average per-square-foot cost of homes sold in Arlington was $453, up from $434 during the same period in 2019.

• The average cost in Alexandria ($396) was up from $368.

• The average cost in Falls Church ($393) was up from $374.

• The average cost in Fairfax County ($289) was up from $279.

• The average cost in Loudoun County ($209) was up from $198.

• The average cost in Prince William County ($175) was up from $168.

(Figures represent all kinds of homes: single-family, attached and condominium.)

Across the region, the highest per-square-foot cost for the first eight months of the year was turned in by the District of Columbia at $499, up from $488.

In the Maryland suburbs, the per-square-foot cost rose from $247 to $251 in Montgomery County and from $181 to $190 in Prince George’s County.

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Reality - Arlington's so-called "Affordable Housing" Program is a fraud, on the taxpayers, and on the workforce and middle class who badly need housing that's actually affordable to people who earn $10 per hour. The "affordable housing" that's being constructed is in-fill gentrification housing that typically costs $400,000 / unit for luxury upper middle class housing to benefit wealthy for-profit and non-profit corporations and a upscale tech force which has significant disposable income (check out the residents' vehicles in the big parking garages under the "affordable" apartments). No matter how much "affordable housing" is constructed housing costs in Arlington rise significantly every year. Time is overdue to end this scam, another component of so-called "Smart Growth" infill gentrification.

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