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The median gross income for Realtors was $49,700 in 2019, up from $41,800 in 2018, according to a new member survey published by the National Association of Realtors, which confirmed that, in general, income rose with the amount of experience in the business.

The survey showed that those who had worked 16 or more years in the real-estate busindent earned a median gross income of $86,500, up from $71,000 a year before.

On average, members have nine years of experience in the real estate industry, based on survery results, while 17 percent of Realtors have less than one year of experience, continuing a downward trend (22 percent in 2018) and suggesting members are remaining with real estate as a career choice for a longer duration.

The number of members with more than 25 years of experience was 17 percent, up marginally from previous year. Broker-owners, managers and appraisers had the most experience, while sales agents were generally the newest to the industry, with a median of six years of experience.

Sixty-four percent of all Realtors were women, a decline from 67 percent in 2018, while the median age of Realtors was 55.

Realtors’ marital status was largely unchanged from the previous year, as 69 percent were married, 16 percent were divorced and 10 percent single or never married.

Only 5 percent of members said real estate was their first career. Eighty percent said they were certain they will remain active in the industry for two more years, consistent with responses from previous years.

The typical member generated 15 percent of his or her business from past clients and customers, a marginal increase from the previous year. More experienced members noted a greater share of repeat business from clients – a median of 39 percent for those with 16 years or more experience, compared to no repeat business activity for those with two years of experience or less.

Seventy percent of members said they have a Website for business use, reporting they have typically had their site for five years.

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