Fairfax schools offer classroom instruction details

Under some COVID-19 restrictions, students would be in class twice a week.

Fairfax County Public Schools have released more details about plans for reopening this fall.

The school district’s draft plan, presented Monday during a school board work session, includes three scenarios based on different levels of coronavirus-related restrictions.

In the first, all learning would happen virtually with four days of live, teacher-led classes and one day of students working alone or with other students.

The second scenario imagines students returning to reduced-capacity classrooms.

“We’re working to develop a daily health screening form that would require parents to report that their children are asymptomatic and have not been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 symptoms prior to sending them to school each day,” said Assistant Superintendent Sloan Presidio.

The plan imagined students returning to classrooms at 50% capacity and 25% capacity.

“It may involve new instructional bell schedules to allow us to serve students on alternating days, and it might even involve prioritizing instruction for high-needs populations like special education students, English learners, or our primary pre-K through grade 2 students,” Presidio said.

If classrooms are allowed to be half full, the plan proposes in-person classes two days a week for students. If capacity is cut to 25%, the plan suggests that students would only physically go to school one day a week.

Scenario 3 is a plan to offer all-online learning to students who are at higher medical risk, even if some or all students are able to return to classrooms.

Another school board work session is scheduled next week to discuss the plans in more detail.

The school board plans to decide by June 26 in what format classes will resume when the new school year starts Aug. 25.

If the school system chooses a Scenario 2 reopening, elementary and middle school students will be notified by Aug. 10 which days students will attend in-person classes, so that parents can make child-care plans.

Under that same scenario, high school students and students attending all-online classes would be notified of their schedules by the week of Aug. 17-21.

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The chance of a person 15 years and under dying from COVID is 1 in 3,500,000 (Office of National Statistics, UK). The chance of someone in that same age group being struck by lightning is 1 in 2,200,000. No more school on cloudy days!!


Waste of time and resources, send them all back


In all seriousness. If people can go to bars, clubs, and other venues then schools should be open, period. Make online an option for kids with documented need and send the rest back. The gap caused by closing on March is going to be huge, how can it be closed if the kids aren’t in school?


Yes, schools need to reopen, but FCPS needs to up its online learning options. They blew it this year--teacher friends let me know what a joke it was, mostly CYA, appearances & lipservice. FCPS has a $3 BILLION budget--taxpayers & students deserve better.

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