The Fairfax County Park Authority and the county’s Department of Neighborhood and Community Services have canceled 2020 summer camp programs due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The cancellations include all park authority camp programs, REC-Pac programs held at local schools, summer camp programs sponsored by community services and school-aged child care programs.

Organizers recognized that the programs represent childcare and recreational opportunities for thousands of families across Fairfax County, according to a news release, but made the decision to cancel after consulting with local health officials, school representatives, other regional recreation providers and local government officials.

“We recognize how important camps are to this community, but we need to keep the health and safety of our children first and foremost,” Park Authority Director Kirk Kincannon said. “Rest assured we are continuing to search for the right programs and services we can provide based on guidance at all levels of government. These are unprecedented times and public support has been vital.”

Impacted NCS programs include RECQuest, SACC summer programs, Therapeutic Recreation Camp, Value in Prevention Camp (V.I.P), and Teens in Action.

“As the public health situation is dynamic in nature, if Fairfax County facilities are able to re-open during the summer we will consider offering limited on-site youth programming to meet the needs of families across Fairfax County,” said NCS Director Chris Leonard.

Senior Centers and Adult Day Health Care Centers remain closed to all participants until further notice. Additionally, community centers, neighborhood centers, resource centers and teen centers are closed to participants. For more information, visit www.fairfaxcounty/gov/ncs or contact NCS at 703-342-4600 or via email at

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In the entire US, 7 children between 5 - 14 have died from COVID. I thought Fairfax was about the "data" and "science?" Why are camps (and schools) closed again?


Maybe your attitude would be different if one of those 7 was your child or a niece/nephew. Safety of children should be paramount, no questions asked.


Probably More likely they need to protect themselves against lawsuits.

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