New cases of COVID-19 in Virginia | Aug. 21

Increased restrictions in the eastern region of the Virginia has helped to drive down the state's new cases of COVID-19, but Northern Virginia has struggled to find progress in recent weeks.

The state reported 6,022 new COVID-19 cases in the past seven days, the lowest weekly total in six weeks. But Northern Virginia saw an increase in cases week-over-week, from 1,613 last week to 1,618 this week.

The state added 978 cases of COVID-19 on Friday. Northern Virginia added 260 cases, according to the Virginia Department of Health.

Northern Virginia reported 260 people are hospitalized due to COVID-19, down from 333 a week ago.

Gov. Ralph Northam tightened some restrictions on restaurants and gatherings in late July in the eastern region of the state, including Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads.

Earlier this week, Northern Virginia leaders said targeted restrictions may be necessary to address COVID-19 cases.

The state reported nine new deaths Friday related to COVID-19, with no new deaths reported in Northern Virginia. 

COVID-19 Data by Locality | Aug. 21

Locality Cases Hospitalizations Deaths
Alexandria 3,203 288 61
Arlington 3,334 448 137
Fairfax 17,419 2,005 539
Fairfax City 106 13 7
Falls Church 64 10 7
Loudoun 5,647 364 115
Manassas 1,740 125 23
Manassas Park 549 52 7
Prince William 10,187 831 180
Totals 42,249 4,136 1,076
County/City Cases Hospitalizations Deaths
Fredericksburg 440 47 4
Spotsylvania 1,673 106 35
Stafford 1,570 130 10
Fauquier 667 35 9
Totals 4,350 318 58

7-Day Positivity Rate | Aug. 21

Health District Rate Trend
Alexandria 5.3 Down
Arlington 5.5 Stable
Fairfax 5.7 Stable
Loudoun 5.5 Up
Prince William 8.4 Stable
Rappahannock 7.4 Stable
Statewide 6.6 Stable


New Cases/Deaths

  • Northern Virginia: 260 new cases, no new deaths

  • Statewide: 978 new cases, 9 new deaths

  • Statewide Testing: 18,943 diagnostic tests

Overall Total

  • Northern Virginia: 41,989 cases, 1,076 deaths

  • Statewide: 110,860 cases, 2,436 deaths

  • Statewide Testing: 1.43 million diagnostic tests (1.55 million when including antibody tests)

  • Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) cases: 8 

*Provided by Virginia Department of Health. The health department's COVID-19 data is updated each morning by 10 a.m. and includes reports by local health agencies before 5 p.m. the previous day.

Statewide Hospital and Nursing Home Data

  • Hospitalizations: 1,233 (down from 1,266 the previous day)

  • Peak Hospitalizations: 1,625 reached May 8

  • Patients in ICU: 263 (down from 276 the previous day)
  • Patients Discharged: 14,249 total

  • Nursing Home Patients: 511 confirmed positive cases (up from 501)

*Provided by Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association

U.S. | World Data

  • U.S.: 174,292 deaths, 5.57 million cases, 2.84 million recovered

  • World: 794,466 deaths, 22.72 million cases, 14.56 million recovered

*Provided by Johns Hopkins University

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(5) comments

Deez Nutz

When is the sky going to stop falling? These headlines are getting old. How many people do you know that have had it? Seems like a cold spreads worse at this point.


Looking at places like NYC and Florida who are doing much better now, it appears the best path is to let it burn through the population. As long as we keep the numbers low enough so we don’t overwhelm the hospitals allowing “the herd” to encounter the virus will inoculate most of the individuals and allow us to reopen our economy.

Masks and shutting businesses down isn’t stopping the virus or even lowering the total number of people that get it, it is just prolonging the time it is active in the community.


Local Media need a collective brain transplant.


Nothing I see shows NoVA “struggling” at this time. All but one district is listed as “stable” or “down”. Loudoun is up slightly. Hospitalizations are down.

Skeptical Prince William

"Northern Virginia Struggles", really, a 0.3% increase in the form of 5 cases week over week (1918/1613) constitutes a struggle, enough with click bait and hysteria inducing headlines.

Also, so that the reader can get a better understanding, if you are going to print NOVA's numbers week over week with a 0.3% increase, please print the same set of statistics for the statewide numbers so the reader can derive that percentage as well, unless of course that percentage is as statistically irrelevant as the NOVA 0.3% and would merely serve to underscore your fearmongering.

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