Everyone in Northern Virginia copes, improvises and tries to craft a semblance of normal during the pandemic and Gov. Ralph Northam’s shelter-at-home order that has already kept many residents home for more than a month.


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Meanwhile the abortionist doctor governor is sporting a fresh haircut.

Wonder how long it will take klanhood blackface goober to tank Virginia’s economy?



This event reveals which stores care their customers as much they care their profits... I see most of stores do great job and I do appreciate their efforts!

However sad thing that there is a store amazingly careless... international groceries store nearby Home Depot: it usually has fresh and variety veggies so that I shop there sometimes.

I was there yesterday. So long line for cashiers and so many people literally next to each other to line up...

The manager could mark lines to keep social distance just like Wegmans does. But I guess they do not care their customers much (there was no hand sanitizers or wipes at entrance like most of grocery stores have as well...)


This is a state of 8.5 million people and we shut it down because less than 500 people died. 200 of which were in poorly managed nursing homes. How much longer are the citizens of this state going to sit back while they lose everything they have worked for. Families will be losing their homes by the time this is over. It is doing more harm than good at this point. Seems the only people working are landscapers and construction laborers.


You understand that staying home has slowed the spread, to include the death rate, right? That was the whole purpose. But economics over lives, right? Get back to work and drink some bleach, you will be fine by election day.


We have stopped the spread because of the stay at home order. Our governor is a "doctor" and understands this virus more than we do. If he wants us to stay home, I will stay home. There are governors and mayors in other states that call him for advice. I'm hoping after all this is over, Virginia will be proud how we handled this pandemic and we have a low death count. That is why we stay home!! Do I like it, NO, but, I hate seeing people die of this virus more. Stop being selfish and thinking of yourself.


i assume you shop for groceries? those people who check you out and stock are not staying home. i'm also assuming you've seen a lowes or home depot parking lot? all full.

stop the spin, people have not been "staying home" for the most part, what they have been doing is staying away from each other. People like you with the stay at home mentality likely dont have jobs were it requires you to be outside the house. people do require funds to survive on and they do need to work. it's time to go back, it's time to get our economy back and it's time to stop being afraid.


I can relate to the concerns on both sides of staying at home vs. slowly reopening, however opening Potomac Mills right now is absolutely absurd. How is a massive mall Phase One?! The number of COVID-19 cases are the highest ever in NOVA. We technically aren't supposed to reopen anything until there is 14 days of consistent decline in cases. I do see that the Governor is trying to make a compromise. But opening restaurant patios at 50% capacity, and hair salons by appt only is drastically different than a massive mall. It is almost impossible to social distance there, and add that to the super high number of new cases already reported on a daily basis. When the numbers go even higher and everything is shut down once again, both sides lose.

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