No excuse mom

A group of mothers gets together to exercise at Willowmere Park in North Stafford County. Personal trainer Lacey Calkins runs the Stafford group, No Excuse Mom. Courtesy photo/Lacy Calkins

A free exercise group geared toward mothers meets weekly at Willowmere Park in Stafford County.

Lacey Calkins of Stafford started No Excuse Mom Stafford, which can be found on Facebook. The group is a branch of the larger 501(c)3 nonprofit, No Excuse Mom, founded by Maria Kang. The base group has hundreds of locations in 25 countries.

Calkins said that with summer arriving, it’s a good time to remind the public about the group, which allows children to accompany their mothers at the workouts.

“Being mothers, we lack time, resources and often motivation — but we believe that if we can do it, so can others,” Calkins said in an email to the Stafford County Sun.

The group meets Wednesdays at 10 a.m. at the park unless the weather is bad.

Calkins said the group will also be starting occasional workouts at the North Stafford Farmers’ Market, beginning April 17. The group has partnered with the farmers’ market in order to pair fitness and healthy eating, promoting wellness in the community, she explained.

The group’s Facebook page also allows participants to post comments, ask questions, get motivation and support and learn about other events, Calkins said.

For more, see Facebook for No Excuse Mom Stafford.

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