Marcie Slack

Marcie Slack

A woman who became an accomplice in stealing money from a Moncure Elementary School parent-teacher organization pleaded guilty Jan. 10 in Stafford County Circuit Court.

Marcie Heather Slack, 36, pleaded guilty to four charges and was convicted of embezzlement, conspiracy, forgery and failure to appear in court, according to circuit court records.

Slack, a former PTO president at the school, helped the school’s then-PTO president, Emily Fallon, steal money from the organization between 2013 and 2015.

In a plea agreement, several other charges against Slack were dropped, and as part of the plea deal, Slack is to have no contact with Fallon.

A grand jury indicted Fallon and Slack in November 2016.

Slack was accused of taking about $2,500, authorizing transactions for Fallon and knowingly assisting Fallon in hiding financial transactions. Slack was removed from the PTO in the fall of 2014 for improper handling of finances.

After other members of the PTO noticed serious monetary discrepancies, the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office and office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney began to investigate Fallon and Slack.

Fallon, who served three terms as PTO president at Moncure, embezzled more than $23,400 from the school and has since repaid the money. She was sentenced to serve a year in prison.

According to the investigation, Fallon was transferring school money to her own American Express card for personal use.

Fallon was elected to the school board in November 2015 but abruptly left in April 2016 amid the criminal investigation. She cited medical problems as her reason for leaving but was arrested several days later on embezzlement charges.

Slack will be sentenced for her role in the crimes March 26 in Stafford County Circuit Court.

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Hard to believe she was actually elected PTO president....LOCK HER UP!!!

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