Parents: Investigators say daughter murdered

Morganne McBeth

STAFFORD — A Fort Bragg soldier, Spc. Nicholas Bailey, has pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter for his role in the death of fellow soldier and former Spotsylvania resident Morganne McBeth.

Bailey entered the plea March 9.

At one point, the trial was postponed from an earlier date due to deployments at Fort Bragg, according to a spokesman there.

McBeth, 19, died in July 2010 after being stabbed on base in Al Asad, Iraq.

The trial was to take place at the end of this month, but according to a Fort Bragg spokesman, the trial has been put off indefinitely due to deployments there.

McBeth, 19, died in July 2010.

McBeth’s father Leonard and stepmother Sylvia live in Stafford County.

Another soldier, Spc. Tyler Cain, previously faced a court martial for his role in McBeth’s death and was convicted of conspiracy to obstruct justice and providing false statements. His rank was reduced and he was confined for 45 days.

According to testimony in the case, of which there were several versions, McBeth was stabbed while in a tent with both Bailey and Cain. But Cain first said that as McBeth and Bailey were throwing knives at a poster on wall, McBeth was stabbed when Bailey pulled a knife from the wall. Later, the story changed when Cain said that Bailey was violently stabbing the poster with several knives when McBeth was stabbed as she walked up from behind.

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