A selection of alcoholic drinks.

(The Center Square) – A few new alcohol-related laws are going into effect Friday in Virginia, some of which will loosen restrictions on adult beverages and one that will impose a regulation.

New rules under House Bill 426 and Senate Bill 254 will impose stricter rules for delivering alcohol to consumers from retail locations. The law establishes a third-party delivery license, which a driver will need before delivering alcohol, according to a news release from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority. The rule is meant to prevent underage drinking by requiring the driver to pass an alcohol delivery safety and responsibility course and certify compliance with regulations every year.

Those bills also extend the policy that allows bars and restaurants to sell mixed alcoholic drinks for off-premise consumption. Those laws were set to expire on Friday, but will instead be extended for another two years.

Two other bills, House Bill 455 and Senate Bill 519, will establish a new mixed beverage casino license, which will allow casinos to sell alcohol later than bars and restaurants. Those who have the license can serve alcohol during all hours of operation in areas designated by the ABC. If a casino has the license, it will also be allowed to offer alcoholic beverages as gifts and set up loyalty or reward credit programs.

House Bill 20 and Senate Bill 196 establish the Virginia Spirits Promotion Fund, which awards money to promote spirits distilled within the commonwealth. The state will pay for the program by using 20% of the tax levied on spirits distilled in Virginia.

Another bill will allow a person to transport 3 gallons of alcohol into the commonwealth. Current rules only allow up to 1 gallon.

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