Stacker investigated UFO sightings in Virginia history using data from the National UFO Reporting Center. Content Exchange Content Exchange

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Donald Quella

Another [yawn]......

Donald Quella

Another Pentagon can plausibly deny the existence of extraterrestrial spacecraft because for the past 75 years the Pentagon's been flying strange-looking experimental aircraft...from the experimental flying wing aircraft of 1946 to various types of drones today.

Robert Dale

I love love LOVE how this article starts by referencing ancient esoteric religious writings. Perfect distraction, because that is not what this article is about. Many defense contractors and ex-CIA officials have publicly stated that many of these UFO sightings of the modern era have all been military test flights, many using drones. You really think the top warlord minds of the planet are still using internal combustion tech from the 1900s?

Janet Smith

[yawn]You Newsies must really be bored. Like the origin of CV 19 the origin(s) of UFOs aren't going to be revealed by the 1%, (the VIPs who control everything and own almost everything) because that would cause major league unhappiness among the Sheeple.

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