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The Arlington County government will use $5.4 million in state-government cash to serve as the guinea pig for a new way of managing parking in urban corridors.

County Board members will accept the money – and the stipulations that go along with it – to fully fund an effort to develop “performance parking” in the county’s Metro corridors.

If successful, the effort could be replicated in high-density, parking-starved areas across the commonwealth.

The cash comes from the Virginia Department of Transportation’s Innovation and Technology Transportation Fund,  known as TIFF, and is expected to cover the entire cost of the multi-year project. (If the county government exceeds $5.4 million, it will be responsible for covering the overage.)

Arlington officials in 2018 applied for funding under Virginia’s “Smart Scale” transportation-financing program to begin the performance-parking project, which would include variable meter pricing in an effort to manage demand – not unlike the pricing process used on toll roads proliferating across Northern Virginia.

The state government suggested that the county government instead apply for TIFF funding, which would be available five years earlier than Smart Scale funds and would not require a local-government financial contribution.

Arlington officials expect to spend about $700,000 of the funding to kick off the effort in coming months, then use the rest as planning and construction efforts roll on.

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Same Arlington Supervisor who was badly hurt when her bicycle hit a pothole because she repurposed street paving funds for bicycle lanes?


Chair of the Arlington Board of Supervisors is a long-time bicycle fanatic, consequently transportation "planning" in the County is done by bicycle fanatics. There is little to no enforcement of traffic ordinances related to personal mobility vehicles, so reckless riding has become reckless endangerment of pedestrians.


The Urbanists, starting with the Arlington Board of Supervisors Chair, who drives her luxury SUV everywhere telling everyone to ride bicycles 24-7-365, either don't live in Arlington, or if they do live in Arlington they live in enclaves off-limits to "Smart Growth" and/or own weekend/vacation homes far from "Smart Growth". Same for the Developers and Local Media Owners and Publishers. "New Urbanism" is doing to the suburbs what Urban Renewal did to the cities 60 years ago. Workforce has been gentrified out to formerly rural areas far from Arlington and now same is occurring for the middle class. Urbanists are laughing all the way to the bank, located in a classic suburban shopping plaza in their classic suburban neighborhood.


Arlington will be a transportation nightmare within a very few years. "Car Free Diet" is another charade, more vehicles and heavier and faster vehicles of all types are sharing Arlington's streets. Streets and sidewalks are being repurposed for recreational use by runners, bicyclists, scooter riders, skateboarders, who typically ignore traffic ordinances (stop signs). Owners of several kinds of high performance motor vehicles typically drive recklessly and at high speed. Streets and roads are continually narrowed and more impediments to a smooth flow of traffic are continually installed. First the workforce and now the middle class drive to and from work in Arlington because of gentrification. The County spends lavishly to build recreation infrastructure that residents and non-residents drive to and from (e.g., skateboard park, soccer fields) including residents who live in in-infilled urbanized areas of the County). Motor vehicles (including buses) are expected to stop for pedestrians and personal mobility vehicles at crosswalks being installed every 100 feet - what happens when thousands more residents use streets and sidewalks for recreation? Residential neighborhoods are repurposed for activities like in-home daycare which significantly increases vehicle trips and need for on-street parking.


Thank you for your insight, learned a lot for your post.

Sounds like a jungle out there! whats gonna happen to Arlington once "National Landing" is in full swing?


That's why we need to CLOSE down streets to car traffic, get people of their lazy behinds and start to walk and bike more. Just because you want to drive your luxury SUV everywhere in the CITY of Arlington like they do in Texas with no bike lanes and half completed sidewalks. Why don't you move to somewhere that doesn't use public transportation have public parks or any public services seems like you'd like it there.

I keep on asking you this and yet you stay, that's because you like Arlington deep down.


"That's why we need to CLOSE down streets to car traffic, get people of their lazy behinds and start to walk and bike more."

Spoken like a true fascist.


Giuliani did just that in Times Square.


They either want to BAN things or make them mandatory. That's the left.


Arlington County, Times Square....



There will be more infill there will be more new urbanism, there will be more bikes, you should leave Arlington ASAP, and go bother your new community with your daily incessant posts, these programs are overwhelmingly popular that's why they keep getting voted in so it's time for you to leave.



Glad I dont have to deal with it.

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