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News of transportation and transit across Arlington this week:

ARLINGTON BRIDGE REHABILITATION ALMOST WRAPPED UP: It has been nearly a decade since Arlington County government officials first began mulling structural and traffic-flow improvements to the Carlin Springs Road bridge over North George Mason Drive just west of Ballston.

And now, just a few ticks of the to-do list remain for the project to be wrapped up.

Construction work has been completed on the project, designed to rehabilitate the aging span and widen it from 65 feet to 69 feet wide – enough to add bike lanes and widen sidewalks without narrowing the four-lane roadway.

Construction was wrapped up slightly ahead of schedule, county officials said. All that remains is to install lighting for the bridge and interchange, and provide additional landscaping.

The project was funded by a combination of local and state dollars, and its completion marks the end of a process that began in 2011 with development of a concept design. Actual construction began in November 2017.

AIRLINE TO PROVIDE SERVICE TO DULLES FROM CABO VERDE: Washington Dulles International Airport, which has been on a roll of late with international air service, will gain another new entrant to the market with the arrival of Cabo Verde Airlines.

It will become the 35th air carrier offering international service from Dulles.

The carrier plans to connect the city of Sal in Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), an island nation in the central Atlantic. The carrier also will offer connecting service to destinations in South America and West Africa.

“Cabo Verde Airlines will provide travelers with unprecedented accessibility to the country’s popular leisure destinations, as well as convenient connections,” said Yil Surehan, vice president of airline-business development for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

Service is expected to commence Dec. 8  using Boeing 757 aircraft.

Under the announced flight schedule, Cabo Verde Islands Flight 692 will depart Amílcar Cabral International Airport at Sal on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8 a.m. local time, arriving at Dulles at 12:45 p.m. local time. After overnighting in Washington, the planes and their crews (as Flight 693) will depart Dulles the following day at 7:45 a.m., arriving in Sal at 6:40 p.m.

Long a Portuguese colony, Cabo Verde attained independence in 1975 and is home to about 550,000 people. Sal is Portuguese for “salt,” one of the nation’s largest exports.

REGISTRATION OPEN FOR ‘CAR FREE DAY’: Registration is now open for the region’s annual Car Free Day event, organized by Commuter Connections.

Workers, residents, parents and students across the region will have an extended opportunity to go car-free or “car-lite” (share a ride with friends, family, or co-workers) on one, two, or even three days during Car Free Days – Saturday, Sept. 21 to Monday, Sept. 23.

“We encourage everyone to take the pledge to drop their keys for Car Free Days. Leaving your car at home for one or more days can make a difference in your community,” said Nicholas Ramfos, director of Commuter Connections. “Be among the thousands who want to reduce their carbon footprint by exploring more sustainable ways to travel to work, school or anywhere you need to go.”

By taking the free online pledge to go car-free at, each person pledging will receive a promo code for the Nift Gift app, good for $30 toward purchases at local merchants, and will be entered into a free raffle.

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