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Rental-car customers at Washington Dulles International Airport could soon have more choices for hybrid and electric vehicles in coming years, but it won’t be as varied a selection as the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority initially had hoped.

A new contract agreed to between the authority and its rental-car contractors includes a “green-vehicle requirement” that calls for each firm to maintain at least 2 percent of total vehicles as hybrid or electric vehicles during the second and third year of the contract, rising to 3 percent in subsequent years of the seven-year contract.

Initially, the airports’ authority had sought to have no less than 5 percent of vehicles being green by the second year of the contract, rising to 20 percent by the fifth year. But that proved unfeasible, a spokesman for the authority said.

“At the start of this process we knew the original requirements were high, but needed industry feedback before settling on an aggressive, yet reasonably achievable, requirement,” said Athena Hernandez, an airport spokesman.

While the requirement is considerably lower than initially proposed, “we have added an overall goal, through the life of the contract, of 8 percent of ‘green’ vehicles available for rental at Dulles International Airport to encourage their broader use,” Hernandez said.

Four firms – Enterprise (incorporating Alamo and National), Hertz, Avis and Sixt – were the winning bidders for car-rental space at the airport. Over the course of the seven-year contract, the combined bids by the firms for the use of the space totals $125.7 million.

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