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The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors on June 9 unanimously approved changing the names of a pair of Metrorail stations in the Falls Church and Tysons areas.

One station will be renamed West Falls Church VT (for Virginia Tech). Supervisors agreed to remove “UVA” from the station’s name because University of Virginia officials plan to move that school’s facilities out of a campus near the station.

Supervisors also approved another name shortening, dropping “Corner” from the what now will be called “Tysons” station on Metro’s Silver Line. The name change will help with the urban center’s rebranding efforts and dovetail with earlier decisions by the U.S. Postal Service and U.S. Census Bureau to designate that area simply as Tysons, officials said.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), which operates the Metrorail system, will review and adopt the name alterations in conjunction with signage changes related to the future opening of the Silver Line’s second phase.

WMATA’s policy requires jurisdictions requesting station renamings pay for associated costs. Combining these two alterations with upcoming changes for Phase 2 of the Silver Line will reduce the county’s share, officials said. The county will finance the changes not from its general-fund budget, but by using funding held in trust by the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission.

WMATA’s policy stipulates that station’s names must be relevant to geographical features, centers of activity or the names of jurisdictions, landmarks, communities or neighborhoods within a half-mile’s walk of the station.

Station names are limited to 19 letters each (including spaces and punctuation) and must not be easily confusable with those of other stations.

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