Metro has “significantly” reduced service for this week, officials announced Sunday night.

“We all need to think of transit service as a limited resource because, right now, it is," said Paul Wiedefeld, Metro’s general manager and CEO. “If you are boarding a bus when you could walk, that increases the likelihood of the bus reaching capacity and having to bypass a stop where a nurse might be heading in to start a shift.”

Trains will be operating every 20 minutes on all lines except the Red Line, which will run every 15 minutes, according to a news release.

Stations serviced by multiple lines will see trains arrive every 7-10 minutes. For example, Rosslyn, served by the Blue, Orange and Silver lines, will have train service to D.C. about every 7 minutes. 

Smithsonian and Arlington Cemetery stations will remain closed until further notice to keep non-essential cherry blossom travel off the rail system at this time of national emergency.

Buses will run on a modified Sunday schedule. Supplemental trips will not operate; however, some routes that provide weekday-only service to essential federal workplaces have been added to the schedule.

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Mrs. Silence Dogood

Dumbest of ideas. You should be increasing bus routes and disinfecting all the time. Post a person on each bus to sanitize non stop. The poorest people can least afford to have bus service restricted. Shepherds not sheep should be running Metro.

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