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Those with the need for speed could end up ponying more – much more – if they get caught exceeding speed limits on some Arlington neighborhood streets.

County Board members on Jan. 25 are expected to enact an ordinance that could lead to scores of street segments being placed in “additional speeding fine zones,” where a surcharge of $200 on existing fines could be levied.

State law allows localities to enact the additional fine on street sections meeting a series of designated criteria. County staff projects up to 60 streets per year could be given the designation.

The $200 fines would be in addition to existing speeding-ticket costs (which are assessed on the amount over the speed limit being traveled, and are augmented by court costs of about $60). Presumably, officers would have discretion in ticketing, but under state law, if the $200 surcharge is assessed, it can’t be reduced or waived by a judge unless the offender is ordered to perform 20 hours of community service.

The $200-surcharge zones must be located in districts primarily residential in nature, and must have signage designating the additional fine. For 60 street segments, the estimated signage cost would be $15,000; county officials have not publicly estimated how much revenue they expect the additional fines would bring in.

The item is on the County Board’s Jan. 25 consent agenda and thus could be enacted without comment, but could be pulled off for consideration (on Jan. 28) if a board member or member of the public requests.


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