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Several commutes in Northern Virginia have gotten worse in recent years, according to a decade of survey data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

In the latest American Community Survey results, residents of counties and large cities answered questions on a wide range of topics, including the time it takes to get to work.

Virginia drivers have one of the worst commutes in the country at 9th place with an average commute time of 28.6 minutes. Maryland drivers face a 33.3 minute commute on average and Washington, D.C., motorists are commuting 30.8 minutes.

All of the commute times in Northern Virginia are worse than the state’s average. Possibly linked to the time it take to get to D.C., Arlington had the best average commute at 29.1 minutes and Fauquier County had the worst at 42.2 minutes.

Below are the median commute times for each community for 2017, along with the previous year’s data and, in most cases, the results in 2007. The list includes two unincorporated communities: Dale City and Centreville. Census data for more Northern Virginia communities will be released in October.

  1. Arlington: 29.1 minutes (28.6 minutes in 2016, 25.3 minutes in 2007)
  2. Alexandria: 31.8 minutes (32.6 minutes in 2016, 29.3 minutes in 2007)
  3. Fairfax County: 32.1 minutes (32.4 minutes in 2016, 30.8 minutes in 2007)
  4. Centreville: 31.7 minutes (35.8 minutes in 2016, 35.9 minutes in 2010)
  5. Loudoun County: 33.7 minutes (35 minutes in 2016, 33.6 minutes in 2007)
  6. Spotsylvania County: 39.1 (38 minutes in 2016, 39.8 minutes in 2007)
  7. Stafford County: 39.6 minutes (40.2 minutes in 2016, 41.3 minutes in 2007)
  8. Prince William County: 40.6 minutes (39 minutes in 2016, 37.1 minutes in 2007)
  9. Dale City: 41.1 minutes (36.7 minutes in 2016, 41.1 minutes in 2009)
  10. Fauquier County: 42.2 minutes (39.1 minutes in 2016, 36.4 minutes in 2007)

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Those commuting times are a least for PW County and Dale City. Seriously ....with the tens of thousands who go into the city on I-95 every day a couple of hours is more like it unless they commute at 3AM. My husband works in Fairfax/Oakton area and the only viable way to get there is two lane back roads thru Clifton. Its over an hour to go 24 miles ON A GOOD DAY and 2-4 hours when there is an incident of any kind and its almost impossible to detour.


Agree. This whimsical article doesn't base time of commute on direction of travel, time leaving home or distance traveled. It seems like a very unrealistic or at least flat data arbitrarily assigned to a general "travel" category. I can make it from my front door to my office in about 21m if I am driving on a weekend or after 10am. Most mornings, it takes me 1h10m. That's just bad reporting and bad statistics. Silly thing.

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