In their move to reject a plan for a $300 million bypass for busy Va. 28, Prince William County supervisors may have lost $89 million in regional funding.

The Board of County Supervisors voted Aug. 4 to abandon the years-long effort for a new four-lane road that would have extended Godwin Drive from Liberia Avenue to a point on Va. 28 near Fairfax County. Instead, the board backed a $400 million project that would add just two lanes to Va. 28.

County voters only committed $200 million for either widening Va. 28 or the bypass, so an $89 million award from the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority was key to starting work on the bypass, and would likely be essential in the search for the money to move ahead with the more expensive widening.

Phyllis Randall, chair of Loudoun County’s Board of Supervisors and chair of the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, said the money is dedicated to the bypass project and would not be guaranteed for the road widening.

Randall told InsideNoVa she plans to speak as authority chair to the Prince William supervisors at their meeting Sept. 8. Randall said the Prince William board can reconsider its rejection of the bypass project and still receive the $89 million. “I’d like them not to lose this money,” she said. 

If the board continues with the widening project, the county will have to compete for funding against other transportation projects from across the region, Randall said. 

“It’s very unlikely they'll get $89 million,” she said. “If they send the money back to  the NVTA, I'll work to get money to Loudoun County.”

Ann Wheeler, chair of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, told InsideNoVa the county is prepared to reapply for NVTA funding. 

“It’s still a very congested road,” she said. “We’re going to do everything in our power to show that the widening of Route 28 would qualify [for NVTA funding].”

The next stop for the county will be to amend the comprehensive plan to add the widening project, Wheeler said. 

That process will include public input and could be completed by the end of the year.

“Taking care of congestion on Route 28 is one of the most important things this board will do over the next four years,” Wheeler said.

Prince William County supervisors reject Route 28 bypass

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I have full confidence in the board to improve 28. I know Danica is also on the case!


They're self centered fools. They will do NOTHING


"Phyllis Randall, chair of Loudoun County’s Board of Supervisors and chair of the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority" said she will work to get the money back to Loudoun County.

Well folks, there is a big part of the problem.


After over 40 years I finally woke and realized PWC was going to the dogs and the BLUE wave was coming meaning liberal govt and the end of the good life in PWC. Move away folks to the country and maintain a better style of life.


You folks would fit in better in the Shenandoah Valley or out in Tennessee anyways.


This doesn't make any sense. I would like to see Phyllis Randall point us to the documentation which stipulates that the $89 million could only be used for a bypass and not for widening existing Rt. 28, because NVTA's own project forms list it as "Rt. 28 Corridor Improvements" and specifically state that it could be either for the bypass or widening the existing road.

While the money can obviously not be appropriated this FY due to the BOCS not approving the bypass and opting to study widening instead, that money should not be "Going to Loudoun" as Randall states. This is the problem with having the NVTA chair, a position that should be representing all of the member localities, also be an elected politician from one of those localities.


fools, all of them!

Tom Fitzpatrick

What did anyone expect? Losers, LOSE. It's as simple as that.

We elected LOSERS.

If we want a different outcome, we will need a different Board.

The process for replacing the Board should begin NOW, via recall elections. Even if we cannot accomplish that during this term, it should be started NOW. Because it will serve to identify the corruption and incompetence, and hopefully enlighten and galvanize the electorate to act more intelligently next time.


You had me in the first half. The Trump administration certainly is filled with losers that are good at losing. Including popular votes, polls and 2020 elections hopefully. But he won fair and square, as did this board, and we all have to quit bitching and accept it.

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