Prince William County staff back Route 28 bypass; public hearing planned in July

Prince William County transportation officials are supporting a bypass route (option 2B in the map) to address traffic on Va. Route 28. 

Prince William County residents will have a chance next month to weigh in on a $300 million project to improve commuter traffic in the Va. Route 28 corridor. Transportation officials recommend constructing a bypass, which could require the purchase of up to 70 homes for right of way. 

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors voted 7-0 on Tuesday to schedule a public hearing in July for the proposed project. Supervisor Pete Candland, R-Gainesville, was absent from the meeting. 

Transportation Director Ric Canizales told the board that staff supports a bypass project that would extend Godwin Drive as a four-lane divided road with a shared-use path. The bypass would run parallel to Flat Branch and Bull Run streams and connect with Route 28 at an intersection north of Bull Run stream, according to the county. 

An environmental study is still in progress on whether to widen Route 28 or select one of two possible bypass routes. 

While the environmental study is not yet complete, its technical and executive committees — which include 67 staff, leaders and elected officials at federal, state, regional and local levels — have recommended the bypass route, according to the county. 

The bypass option was “determined to have the lowest cost, highest traffic impacts, lowest impacts to existing development and communities, and low impact to the environment,” according to the county. 

At a public meeting in October, officials said adding two lanes to Route 28 would impact about 90 businesses due to right of way acquisition while selecting either of two proposed routes for a four-lane bypass would require the purchase of up to 70 homes. 

At that time, Canizales said the proposed bypass options would have a larger impact on commuter traffic than widening the existing road. All three projects are estimated to cost about $300 million. 

Transportation officials have long sought ways to improve the busy commuter route between Manassas and Centreville. More than 57,000 vehicles travel daily on Va. 28, according to the Route 28 Corridor Feasibility Study released in December 2017. 

County voters approved a $355 million transportation bond referendum in November, which includes $200 million for the Route 28 project. The project also has an $98.4 million in funding from the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority and Coles District proffer funds provided by developers to address transportation needs.

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I am a lifelong bicyclist and have been bike-commuting from my home in Manassas to my job in Chantilly along Old Centerville Road for over 15 years.  I WILL NOT ride on a "shared use path" and the law does not require me to do so.  If there are no wide paved shoulders or bike lanes on the OCR section of the Alternate 2B bypass, I will legally take my place in the travel lane with motor vehicles. You have been warned.


I feel for you, but you will likely end up getting killed on the highway and nobody but your immediate family will feel badly. Well maybe the person that hits you will feel badly for a couple of weeks and maybe the responding EMTs that scrape your body off the highway will feel badly until the next call. Most people will be cussing you out for holding up traffic. That's the kind of people this area has.


RIP alanm9

Allen Muchnick

With luck and advocate persistence, the shared-use path along the proposed Rte 28 Bypass (which won't open before 2025) won't be a neglected piece of crap, and those bicycling on it will zoom past peak-period commuter traffic backed up on the roadway.


I've ridden every SUP in PW and Fairfax County. They are ALL neglected pieces of crap. I already zoom past commuter traffic and will continue to do so when the bypass traffic stacks up behind the lights at Compton, Old Mill, Braddock, and Machen roads. And by the way, will the Fairfax police stop setting their regular traps on Compton that catch PWC drivers with expired tags and decals?

Comment deleted.
John Brown

Your gibberish is unintelligible. You mention "immigrants", illegal aliens should not be here in the first place. So no harm in relocating them to south of the border. Most of your statement made no sense. Carry on!


I guess this is a backhanded way to reduce gang violence in Manassas Park and North Manassas.

John Brown

Why are so many comments being deleted? None of them broke any rules either!


These supervisors are completely inept. Years of surveys and studies for what? What about the 70 families displaced from their homes? The real priority now is getting the county services and citizens back to work. Also how are you going to teach and transport the school kids with 6 foot distances between them? These clowns couldn't even keep the system funded before the pandemic. Sorry Danica Roem the time is not now.


He is running for reelection. He was elected on his promise to open 28, after his term, it didn't happen, so now he will start "TALKING" about it again.


Why does insidenova keep deleting post? Time to find another news source.


Rt28 will never be fixed. Democrats just make everything worse.


This is clearly a deeply racist proposal designed to displace communities of color while predominantly white owned businesses are allowed to remain. Ann Wheeler is nothing but a sellout to the special business interests in this county if she allows her board to move forward with this proposal. I hope to see major protests over this at the hearing.


Maybe InsideNova supports this kind of thing and that’s why my comment won’t show up. But this is a deeply racist proposal designed to displace and impoverish communities of color while allowing predominantly white businesses to remain untouched. This is unacceptable. I hope there will be massive protests in July.

ghambrick Staff

We removed one comment in this thread (not yours) because it violated the terms of service on our site. If you don't see your comment, it is not because it was removed.

Allen Muchnick

This bypass is a really dumb idea that would significantly worsen--not reduce--traffic congestion on Rte 28 (Centreville Rd) in Fairfax County in the long run and maybe even on the day it opens.

Rather than significantly benefit those motorists who currently drive on Centreville Rd through Yorkshire, the bypass would mostly serve new INDUCED traffic--and promote new auto-oriented suburban sprawl development--from the west of Sudley Rd, most of which would originate from west of Prince William County (Fauquier, Culpeper, Stafford, etc.), so even an 8-lane Centreville Rd in Fairfax County will end up more congested than before, and Prince William County taxpayers would spend $200 million in County bond funds to benefit those out-of-county commuters.

Six-plus decades of suburban road expansions have clearly demonstrated that expanding highways for toll-free travel in single-occupant vehicles is a counterproductive waste of taxpayer money. The only way to end this vicious cycle is to provide viable travel alternatives to driving alone, especially ride-sharing and rapid public transportation.


Here’s your solution. Tell Corporation's to quit making staff drive an hour every morning in order to get a keyboard. It’s 2020 for gods sake. Problem solved.

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