Virginia State Police arrested 43 demonstrators who blocked traffic on Interstate 95 near Va. 234 on Friday evening.

About 7 p.m., troopers were alerted to a group of about 75 demonstrators walking north in the right shoulder and right travel lane of I- 95 after they gained access to the interstate via the Exit 152 ramp.

The group marched north stopping all travel on I-95 and then gained access to the Express Lanes, state police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said. The protesters then blocked the Express Lanes and started to head south when state police were able to approach them.

"State police gave multiple verbal commands to the protesters to move off to the left side of the interstate and out of traffic for their safety," Geller said. "It was announced several more times that the crowd was an unlawful assembly and risked being arrested, as pedestrians are prohibited on an interstate and for impeding the flow of traffic of others. The crowd refused to comply with the multiple verbal commands."

As state troopers approached the group, several protesters began running across the travel lanes and into the woods, police said. Troopers did not pursue those individuals. None of the protesters were struck by vehicles.

State police made 43 charges that included unlawful assembly, obstructing free passage of others and obstruction of justice, Geller said.

In addition, there were four juveniles among the group who were released on a summons to a guardian. All adults taken into custody.

"Due to the heavy Friday evening traffic and rain, the safety of the pedestrians was of concern and the Express Lanes remained closed until all individuals were safely removed from the travel lanes" about 8:30 p.m., Geller said.

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All they can say is “Black Lives Matter” or “we demand change” (note the response in this string) but they cannot say what exactly they want to see changed other than these general statements. Give me some specific and legitimate things you want changed as these general statements create pointless protests that could go on 10 years with no results. Idiot protestors walking on the interstate will not change, until someone accidentally plows into them and kills a bunch of them.


Lawful protest over the murder of George Floyd is right minded. Unlawful and dangerous assemblies on major interstates and roads is foolish and wrong.

The notion of defunding the police is foolish too. Putting citizens on the Professional Ethics Review Board or the Use of Force Review Board is a start. Joint Citizen LEO review of SOPs and standing orders would make sense. Lawless burning, looting and violence must stop.

Tp Ll

People who do nothing but block traffic for the sake of blocking traffic aren't protesting anything, they're just being idiots who are asking to get flattened (Of course they'll claim victimhood after being hit, but victimhood gives some people stripes apparently).


lock them up, impeding traffic is against the law..i hope they all enjoy jail


Sure did, still Protesting black lives Matter


[thumbdown][angry] still Protesting

Lynne June

Peaceful protests are fine but impeding traffic, possibly emergency vehicles, and putting themselves and motorists in peril is simply idiotic. I’m glad that the troublemakers were arrested.


They had other lanes


doesnt matter, you dont have the right to march in an active interstate and to endanger other lives.


How about a good old fashioned mugshot post like you used to do insidenova? yeah right...


Where is yours

Martin Geter

I support PEACEFUL protests, but this was just stupid.


Transurban and ezpass users have a civil case against them.


Isn’t this a federal crime? Blocking interstate travel isn’t like blocking a local road.


Who really cares black lives matter




it's a state issue and it's unlawful assembly.

Antonio Marisol

Thank you! It’s about damn time.


No its not black Lives matter

Bill Rio

Look, I know you are not going to listen to this but you really should.

First- You do not get respect by disrespecting. So the more people riot and inconvenience the average person, the less people you are going to get to help your cause. And if you really care about the cause, you should want to get the most people on your side.

Second- Your screen name is Redskins. I believe in free speech and think people should be able to say whatever they want, but you do realize the level of hypocrite you look like with this screen name?


i'm native american and i find it offensive..but i guess it's ok if black lives matter?

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