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Arlington County Board members on Sept. 12 approved a contract worth up to $805,000 for improvements to the intersection of 18th Street North with North Glebe Road and North Wakefield Street, aimed at providing a better walking and biking experience for children and others headed to Glebe Elementary School.

The $1.5 million project would include a four-way stop at the intersection of 18th and Wakefield streets as well as new pedestrian curb ramps and crosswalk upgrades there; a new sidewalk along the south side of the Glebe Elementary driveway; and a new sidewalk along 18th Street between Glebe and Wakefield. The traffic signal at 18th and Glebe also will be upgraded.

The project was proposed by the Glebe Elementary School PTA. The construction contract was awarded to Ardent Co. LLC, the lowest of five bidders.

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This only puts more traffic from more vehicles on already congested streets, sidewalks, and roads. Parents have the absolute right to drop off and pick up students at Arlington schools and many do so no matter how close they live to the school. Teachers and school staff want to drive to and from school and demand plenty of parking. Next will be repurposing Arlington's parks for new schools and big school parking lots.

Allen Muchnick

How does the cover photo relate to this story about building sidewalks near an elementary school?

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