Temporary ramp, traffic signal added to Nutley/I-66 intersection

WEST The Virginia Department of Transportation on July 21, 2020, is scheduled to begin operating a new, temporary traffic signal that will allow motorists on northbound Nutley Street in the Vienna area to turn left onto westbound Interstate 66.

Motorists driving on northbound Nutley Street in the Vienna area this week will begin using a new temporary ramp and traffic signal to reach westbound Interstate 66, as construction of the Transform 66 Outside the Beltway Project continues, Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) said. 

Weather permitting, VDOT will close the loop ramp from northbound Nutley Street to I-66 West during the early morning hours on Tuesday, July 21. Drivers will access I-66 west by turning left at a temporary traffic signal onto a new temporary ramp that merges with the existing ramp from southbound Nutley Street to I-66 west.

Two travel lanes will continue through the interchange in both directions on Nutley Street. Drivers traveling south on Nutley Street should remain alert for traffic turning left from northbound Nutley Street heading to I-66 west at the new temporary signal​-controlled intersection, VDOT officials said.

The traffic signals will operate in a flashing mode prior to the loop ramp’s closure, and will begin operating in full color when the traffic changes are implemented, officials said.

The change will allow for removal of the existing loop ramp from northbound Nutley Street to westbound I-66, which will then be rebuilt in its future, permanent location. The change also will allow for construction of a new ramp in the northeast quadrant of the interchange, which will enable drivers to turn left onto southbound Nutley Street from I-66 west.

VDOT on June 24 also opened a new traffic signal and ramp at the same interchange, which allowed traffic on southbound Nutley Street to access eastbound I-66.

In the coming weeks and months, drivers should expect additional changes at the interchange, including new temporary ramps with additional changes to signal operations at the two temporary, signal-controlled intersections on Nutley. The temporary traffic signals and ramps will remain in place for approximately two years while the new interchange is constructed.

Drivers always should use caution and pay attention to lane markings and roadway signs in construction work zones, officials said.

Follow progress on upcoming traffic pattern changes, learn more about the new Nutley Street interchange and sign up for project updates and lane-closure alerts at outside.transform66.org/NutleyStreet. The I-66 Outside the Beltway Express Lanes are slated to open in December 2022. 

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