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Police identified the driver of a tractor-trailer killed Saturday morning when his truck ran off the road and flipped at the Russell Road interchange with Interstate 95, police said.

The crash happened about 10:30 a.m. near Quantico Marine Corps Base.

The tractor-trailer overturned and the driver, identified as 43-year-old Gerald Newhouse, Jr., of Stafford, died at the scene.

"The driver failed to negotiate the left turn onto Russell road due to speed which caused the vehicle to roll," Prince William County police officials said in a press release.

The truck was reportedly carrying concrete.

Police and fire officials closed  the interchange for hours as they extricated the victim and cleared the wreckage. 

One lane of I-95 southbound was closed, according to the Virginia Department of Transportation.


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Ex Philly

Very sad. That said, some of the truckers are a road hazard with reckless and fast driving. On the beltway, trucks account for about 3% of the traffic yet are involved in 20% of the accidents. I don't know how many times I've been cruising at around 65-70 to look in my rear view and have a truck about 2 feet off of my rear end. It could be safer. I noticed that on the Ohio Interstates, their speed limit is cut to 10 MPH lower than the top limit while their lanes are restricted. On PA I80, I had one drive me totally off the road and we were the only two vehicles in sight. Anymore, I just try to stay away from them. I remember a little while ago that a dump truck lost control and crashed into a Honda CRV, killing the driver, near the Battlefield. A lot of this stuff would be preventable if they would just slow down.


Sorry my friend. Not the way to go.

Slow some down? Try this: Slow everybody down or you only exacerbate the problem.

There is a speed limit (which i disagree with) but if we are going to have a speed limit, let's abide by it.

THAT MEANS: When a vehicle comes around me (smaller?, larger? doesn't matter) the driver should be self aware of the space / time element. Let me warn you: It takes me better than a football field before i'm stopped. So when you get in front of me and then decide to save Bambi you have just sacrificed your life to save Bambi. Bambi runs off. You're dead.

What have we learned? Everybody must learn to drive or get a chauffeur.


Just to let you know before you start assuming things, His name was Jerry Newhouse and he was doing 27 miles at the time of accident it turned over because the frameless trailor was loaded uneven. He worked for Paynes who do have computers in there trucks maybe you should get info before you start throwing out accusation that you can't back up. RIP Jerry my heart goes out to your wife and daughter.


Thank you Scoopnow. While the others are posting things and making comments about Little Jerry, his family and friends are hurting tremendously, especially his daughter, and do not want to read the negative comments.

It doesn't matter what those think about what he "should" have done. Don't you think if he knew things would have turned out this way that he would have done whatever he could to change them? He wasn't just a "driver" he was an amazing person. It's always so easy for people to say what someone else "should" have done. Please have some compassion and not judgement and finger pointing. I hope this helps you to think twice when deciding to post a comment about someone who has passed, especially when the families will see them. RIP Little Jerry.


It's a sad that someone lost there life. God Speed.

As a driver you 'should' be cognisant of your load, speed, condition of you equipment, etc. I say should, beacuse some don't. The speed could have been a factor, what was stated "only 27mph", an over all MPH is not the end all for what happened. Running a load like that, with that type of trailer, the driver should adjust his or her speed for the conditions at hand.

Yeah Right

The man lost his life. Nothing can change that. Let him RIP and find some compassion in your heart. Poor little girl. I couldnt imagine what she must be going through.

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