MAC Zone

This diagram shows parcels located in the Maple Avenue Commercial (MAC) zone, which offers building-density incentives if developers provide a mix of uses and adhere to specific architectural standards.

A community forum in which a consultant will present recommendations for transportation and land use in the Maple Avenue corridor of Vienna will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 4 at Vienna Town Hall.

“We wanted to come to the community and say, if traffic is an issue for you, here are some ideas that are going to push up against what maybe you think is possible, but really might address the issue in a way that’s most impactful,” said David Samba, a manager for Kimley-Horn, which in the spring began the project for the Vienna town government.

“At the same time, we also wanted to step back,” Samba said. “There are some solutions that are right in front of us, that won’t take that much time to design and implement and that will have meaningful impact on the daily lives and travel of the community.”

The $80,000 study is being funded through through Vienna capital-improvement-bond funds.

The study looks at transportation along Maple Avenue from James Madison Drive to Follin Lane, and includes Church Street from Lawyers Road to East Street as well as Courthouse Road and Locust Street, examining existing transportation conditions in the corridor as well as the impact of potential development – inside and outside Vienna – on transportation.

Kimley-Horn received more than 150 responses to a community survey and obtained feedback and insights at two previous community meetings.


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