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Vienna officials will apply for Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) revenue-sharing grants to pay for a host of road, sidewalk and trail projects.

The Vienna Town Council on Sept. 16 unanimously passed a resolution committing local matching funds for the projects, which needed to kick off the application process.

Members of the Vienna Department of Public Works staff have been working on the applications, which will seek funds from VDOT’s fiscal year 2021 and 2022 Revenue Sharing and Transportation Alternatives programs. VDOT officials already have pre-screened the applications to ensure the validity of each project’s cost estimate and scope, town officials said.

Matching funds for the projects would come from the 30-percent local share of current and future Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) revenues.

Vienna officials will seek to finance one project from VDOT’s Revenue Sharing Program, a $550,000 initiative to build a mini-roundabout at East and Church streets, N.E. This project would require a 50-percent match using NVTA moneys.

The mini-roundabout would be the second implemented within the town. Vienna officials in August 2016 opened to traffic the first such roundabout at Park and Locust streets, S.E.

Town officials also will apply to have these projects funded through VDOT’s Transportation Alternative Program:

• A sidewalk along Glyndon Street, N.E., between Ayr Hill Avenue, N.E., and Ainstree Court, N.E., would cost approximately $1.78 million and require a 20-percent ($356,000) NVTA match.

• A sidewalk along Glyndon Street, S.E., between Locust Street, S.E., and Dominion Drive, S.E., would cost about $2.42 million and need a 20-percent ($484,000) NVTA match.

• Sidewalks along Ayr Hill Avenue, N.W., between Lawyers and Dominion roads, N.E., and on Center Street, N., between Ayr Hill Avenue, N.E., and Wilmar Drive, N.E., would cost about $1.8 million and require a 20-percent ($360,000) NVTA match.

• A trail along Kenyon Road, N.E., between the stream-valley park near Westwood Country Club and Maple Avenue, E., would cost about $483,000 and need a 20-percent ($97,000) NVTA match.

• Up to four bike-share stations located around Vienna would cost approximately $300,000 and need a 20-percent NVTA match of $60,000.

• A sidewalk along Pleasant Street, S.W., between Maple Avenue, W., and Courthouse Road, S.W., already has completed design work, but has been on hold since 2016 for lack of construction funding. The project would cost about $715,000 and need a 20-percent ($143,000) NVTA match.

If approved, the project contracts would be handled through the regular public-procurement process, town officials said.

Deputy Public Works Director David Donahue recommended that Council members not get their hopes up that all the projects will receive VDOT’s approval.

“Hopefully, they’ll all get approved, but we don’t expect that, because that hasn’t happened in the past,” he said. “But hopefully, some will.”

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