Merritt Green

Merritt Green is founder of General Counsel PC in McLean. 

On January 27, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam approved Virginia’s permanent COVID-19 Workplace Safety Standard implementing mandatory workplace compliance obligations for Virginia employers. 

Northam stated that “these standards will reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure and protect the health and safety of Virginia workers, consumers, and communities as we move our commonwealth forward together.”

The COVID-19 Permanent Standard requires Virginia employers to implement workplace policies, procedures and training.  The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry will enforce the permanent standard and has received over 13,000 complaints.

Compliance with Virginia’s COVID-19 Workplace Standard can be confusing and costly.  That is why McLean law firm General Counsel P.C., in conjunction with Business Compliance LLC, has developed Covid Compliance Plans ( to provide an easy and cost-effective solution for Virginia employers.  Employers who use the coupon/discount code INSIDENOVA will receive 10% discount on Covid Compliance Plans

Covid Compliance Plans helps you determine your risk level: low, medium, high, or very high.  Next, depending on risk level and number of employees, Covid Compliance Plans provides employers: 

  1. Compliance Roadmap
  2. Employer Compliance Checklist
  3. Employee Safety Checklist
  4. Return to Work Plan
  5. Required COVID-19 Workplace Training Powerpoint AND Training Video in both English and Spanish
  6. Employee Acknowledgement Form
  7. For medium (with more than 10 employees) or higher risk employers, an Infectious Disease Preparedness Plan.

“We are honored that hundreds of Virginia employers have used Covid Compliance Plans to help comply with Virginia’s COVID Workplace Standard and provide safe working environments for their employees and customers,” said Merritt Green, General Counsel P.C.’s Founder and Managing Partner. 

Customer reviews have been tremendous. 

One employer wrote, “I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating this!!!! Last weekend, I spent four hours reading the 35-page outline and was going cross-eyed.  I was nervous about having to put together a whole plan and training course when I could barely understand what I was reading.  I was excited that I would not have to write that out myself from scratch.  And then when I saw the training, I was even more ecstatic!!!  I would absolutely recommend this to others.  The value far surpasses the cost.” 

Another customer wrote: “I wanted to thank you, Business Compliance, LLC, and General Counsel, P.C. for making us aware of the Virginia COVID-19 document requirements and giving us an easy way to comply.  It took less than 15 minutes to submit the necessary information, make payment, and receive the documents.” 

Finally, another customer simply wrote: “Thanks, these forms are great.  They are awesome.”

All Virginia employers must comply with the COVID-19 Permanent Standard.  Covid Compliance Plans makes it easy and affordable.  And, by using the coupon/discount code INSIDENOVA, you will receive a 10 Percent discount.  Visit:  

Merritt Green is founder of General Counsel PC of McLean, a full-service law firm providing comprehensive legal services for businesses ranging from start-up to multi-billion dollar organizations. He can be reached at

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