Editor: The Sun Gazette’s editorial page frequently would inform and educate. More recently, it seems that the page, to put it kindly, has become inane. Example, articles about whether vice presidents deserve a day of their own for celebration, or should Virginia governors have two terms, or, a doozy: “Virginia Republicans having reason for hope.”

Those may be of interest, but whatever happened to editorials about kitchen-table issues? Such as: with a pandemic raging, already over 520,000 dead and counting, how about urging people at every opportunity to wear a mask, wash their hands frequently and get vaccinated and after vaccination, to continue wearing their mask and washing their hands frequently? Or with our postal system collapsing, sound the alarm. Folks not getting their badly needed, life-saving medicines, bills, letters, etc., on time, if at all, and at any rate, mostly weeks late? Or President Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act, almost law, urging small businesses to hang on (a sad example in McLean a long-time wonderful restaurant, the Greek Taverna closing). Urging folks to hang on having lost their job at no fault of their own, waiting for their unemployment benefits, worried about losing their apartments or their houses, not being able to pay their bills, put food on the table, etc., telling them help is on the way.

As for the editorial on the GOP’s prospects in Virginia, the paper acknowledges that “state Republican leaders have seen the party’s ‘brand’ collapse among wide swaths of the electorate in the commonwealth.” Correct.

Again, as the editorial stated, “Republicans (like their counterparts in Congress) were of the do-nothing variety except for protecting the status quo and their financial backers.” Correct again.

Juxtapose that with Democrats. They passed laws to expand Medicare, protect women’s rights and voting rights, and measures to prevent gun violence, end the death penalty, reform the criminal justice system and give teachers badly-needed raises, to name a few. All measures that help folks and move our commonwealth forward. Which will be remembered in November.

Fariborz Fatemi McLean

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