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The Washington Post two weeks back had an interesting profile of Fairfax County Executive Bryan Hill. It was a fair, albeit warts-and-all, piece: Hill didn’t come off as a knight in shining, armor but it wasn’t a hatchet job.

The article focused on Hill’s style, which appears a tad more brash than Fairfax is used to. He pronounced confidence that he can tame the bureaucracy and lasso elected officials to all be on the same team – a team under him.

For those of us who have watched Fairfax since the days when Jack Herrity and Audrey Moore were battling it out and J. Hamilton Lambert was running the staff side, we’ve learned that county executives come and go, but the bureaucracy is eternal. Those, like Hill, who didn’t have roots in that Fairfax bureaucracy have not always fared well when the knives are unsheathed.

Well, time will tell if Mr. Hill’s confidence in his abilities is warranted. This early in his tenure, the jury remains out.

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