The Arlington County Civic Federation’s rank-and-file this week was slated to get a first look at the draft of a proposed resolution calling on county-government leaders to return to a more open, responsive county government where everyone has the chance to have a seat at the table.

The resolution itself is stunning in its direct confrontation of the current powers-that-be in elected office and top staff positions, but it’s when you dig into the extensive appendixes that you get an inkling of exactly how far today’s county leadership seems to have gone in derailing any effort at input that might be at variance with the expected outcomes on issues that range the gamut of daily living.

(Don’t trust us? Go read for yourself at It’s as enlightening a document to have come out of any local civic group in some time.)

Now, there’s no guarantee the Civic Federation membership will adopt the recommended language, and it’s even possible that the proposed resolution will be quietly tucked away to gather dust. But the mere fact that some extremely serious people within the organization took the time to chronicle their concerns in such a comprehensive manner shows that the days of “the Arlington Way,” where the public truly was a partner in the decision-making process, are long gone. We need to get them back.

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Donald Quella

Arlington Sun Gazette has endorsed Arlington Board Democrat incumbents for at least the past decade and regularly publishes Arlington Democratic Party press releases as "news". Appears no one in the Sun Gazette staff lives in Arlington anymore, so they don't suffer any costs or consequences from what occurs here. No media outlet ever lost ad revenue by going along with the status quo, which is what the SG is all about.

Janet Smith

Sun Gazette knew the Resolution has been in the works for months and chose to keep mum while continually complaining about County Government throughout the last election cycle and endorsing the incumbent Board (of Supervisors) candidate for re-election.

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