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Ordinarily around this time of year, we survey the landscape of the upcoming general election and knock out a few a endorsements of local candidates who are unopposed and seem to be reasonable choices for the electorate. After all, what’s the point in waiting until later in the year in some of these races?

One thing to note up front: We are not going to do any early endorsements in races involving the seven members of Arlington’s legislative delegation.

Most are unopposed, but frankly, their schizophrenic and politically self-serving behavior during the winter chaos involving the three Democratic statewide office-holders (Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax and Mark Herring) raises a cautionary flag.

To first panic and demand Northam’s resignation, as a number of them did, then demand the same of Fairfax, only to then (when it became a possibility that all three office-holders might be kicked to the curb) pretend the whole episode never happened gives us pause.

Our local legislators may well get our endorsements down the road. But their performance in the Northam/Fairfax/Herring debacle leaves us wary enough to take our own sweet time about it.

We also will be holding off on endorsements in two unopposed races – for School Board (Reid Goldstein) and commonwealth’s attorney (Parisa Dehghani-Tafti). We had our share of concerns about those two in their springtime nomination races, and while we may end up supporting their general-election bids, the time is not right.

County Board incumbents Christian Dorsey and Katie Cristol are facing challengers in November, so we will hold off there, as well.

Whom does that leave? There are three constitutional officers whom, at this stage, we feel confident in encouraging the Arlington electorate to support in November:

• Sheriff Beth Arthur has served Arlington well for nearly two decades, bringing professionalism and common sense to her position. She has earned another four years.

• Commissioner of Revenue Ingrid Morroy operates an office that often is not in public view but has an important role in the smooth operation of governance in the county. We support her re-election bid.

• Treasurer Carla de la Pava also runs an operation that is customer-focused and has continued the trend of bringing down tax delinquencies while working to assist those unable to pay. Her re-election is warranted.

We think the Arlington electorate is being well-served by these three elected officials. As for all the other races, we’ll be back in September with some opinions.

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