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Having run their previous excuse – public health – into the ground, Arlington leaders now have a new reason they can’t reopen libraries to any semblance of normalcy.

The current rationalization? In the words of the 1950s one-hit musical wonder The Big Bopper: “I ain’t got nooooooooo money, honey.”

Budget shortfalls are now the basis for our self-proclaimed world-class government’s declining to do what most governments across the nation have been able to accomplish: getting library services back on track.

It’s farcical but not surprising. For years, the county government has treated libraries and their staffs as appendages rather than a core function, despite the fact library services are among the most-loved of all those provided to Arlington residents. And deservedly so.

Maybe residents should call up County Board member Takis Karantonis, who is facing a challenge in the June 8 primary, and tell him that either libraries get opened up more fully, ASAP, or they’ll vote for his opponent and encourage others to do so. The number is (703) 228-3130.

After all: When you’ve got ’em by the bookmarks, their hearts and minds will follow.

But if you don’t step in and make yourself known, our leaders will keep getting away with this foolishness.

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Janet Smith

Of course the SG can endorse the non-incumbent CB candidate before the June Primary. It's obvious to many that 40 years of 1-party government are enough. Also obvious to many that the local media keep them in power...election after election...love all that revenue from ads and infomercials for more of the same-old same-old.

Donald Quella

County Board's priorities are sports, recreation, live entertainment, various types of traffic calming at $1 million per intersection.

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