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Virginia’s politicians – left and right, Democrat and Republican alike – sure seem like a gang that can’t shoot straight.

The latest example comes from the Democrats, although, given time, Virginia Republicans will be sure to commit some political malpractice, too, just to keep up.

Two Fridays ago, an e-mail came across the transom from Democratic leaders in the General Assembly, blasting the idea that President Trump would participate in a  ceremony marking the first legislative assembly in the Old Dominion, held in 1619.

“The current President does not represent the values that we would celebrate at the 400th anniversary of the oldest democratic body in the western world,” noted the release, signed jointly by Dels. Eileen Filler-Corn and Charniele Herring and Sens. Dick Saslaw and Mamie Locke.

Their collective virtue-signaling and self-satisfaction was cut short when state media quickly reported that it was none other than Gov. Northam who was among those extending the invitation to the president. Virginia Democrats, seemingly unwittingly, had given a backhanded slap to the titular top of their own political pyramid. Quoting noted political analyst Homer Simpson: “D’oh.”

Northam, who has the knack for making a bad situation worse (have you noticed?), then announced he, too, would avoid Trump because of a “scheduling conflict.” Double d’oh.

And Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney, an acolyte of Terry McAuliffe who has similar delusions of grandeur, then upped the ante on the foolishness by announcing he was quitting the Jamestown commission in protest of the Trump invitation.

Any rational person just shakes his or her head at the descent into childishness.

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