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The more one hears from the two Democratic candidates for Arlington School Board, the more one wishes that there were two vacancies to fill this year.

In very different ways, both Miranda Turner and Mary Kadera are putting forward more aggressive efforts to provide support for Arlington’s schoolchildren than either the School Board or the top administration has been doing for the past year.

Kadera’s proposals are more involved, sometimes extensively involved, which brings to mind a saying of the famous French political leader Georges Clemenceau after Woodrow Wilson unveiled his Fourteen Points: “Why, God Almighty has only Ten!”

Putting that quibble aside, it is always good to read her thoughts, as they are more, well, thought out than the actual return-to-school plan Arlington parents and students have had to endure.

(At this point, even Fairfax County Public Schools is being more aggressive in getting kids back to a semblance of normalcy. Pause and let that sink in: Even Fairfax County Public Schools is being more aggressive in getting kids back to a semblance of normalcy.)

Turner is more seat-of-her-pants in terms of generating proposals to get things back on track, but she has a more extensive set of bona-fides on the issue – she was part of the back-in-class bandwagon when it was decidedly not cool among the powers-that-be in the community.

Given their two important if different skill-sets, it’d be great to have them both on the School Board, to rattle some cages and shake things up.

For now, there is only one opening. Yet given how incumbents have been dropping like flies in recent years, crawling over one another to get out, who knows what the future might bring us?

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