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Once the coast was clear and their candidate had won the presidency (more or less), the Democratic oligarchy on the Fairfax County School Board and those at the upper levels of school-system administration decided to close county schools for Inauguration Day in January.

Fair enough. It has happened before. But 2021 is unlikely to be like any “before” that has, um, come before.

Certainly the public-health conditions of mid-January are unlikely to be in any shape to have the usual array of welcome-the-new-president festivities. And who can even be sure exactly what shape the inauguration is going to take, given that the person at the center of it all – Joe Biden – apparently is so fearful of and/or paranoid about COVID that he may end up being the first president in history to be sworn in while covered from head to toe in bubble-wrap.

Maybe the better place for Fairfax students to be would be in class (“in class” being code for “sitting home in front of a computer screen”) attempting to learn something new, rather than being given the incentive to get out, mix, mingle and help spread the COVID a little more.

That would be the prudent approach to take. But anyone who thinks back to springtime, when Northern Virginia elected officials declared it was more important that people be out protesting (so long as they were protesting the way the politicians wanted) than stay home and help arrest the spread of the Wuhan death virus, will know that the sensible route is seldom the road taken.

Anyway, enjoy your day off, Fairfax County Public Schools students. As for the taxpayers? We can take some rueful solace in the fact that the loss of one day will be, alas, just a drop in the bucket compared to the overall amount of education denied to local students over the past year.

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