After a relatively promising tenure as Virginia governor, Tim Kaine (D) transitioned to a relatively uninspired stint in the U.S. Senate prior to his selection as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 ticketmate.

So sure were most professional and amateur prognosticators – ourselves included – that Clinton was going to win the White House that, long before the votes were tallied, the guessing game had begun on which political figures would jump into the fray in an effort to fill out the remainder of the senator’s term.

It was not to be. Clinton lost and Kaine returned to the U.S. Senate, a little bruised after a performance as the Democratic vice-presidential nominee that most would describe as lackluster.

One might think that Kaine, who if you look at his recent record has careened further left than most Virginians would appreciate, might offer the GOP a tempting target in 2018. But whichever of the three Republican candidates emerges from the June 12 primary to take him on, odds remain heavily in the incumbent’s favor.

Three Republicans – E.W. Jackson, Corey Stewart and Nick Freitas – are on the ballot. Coming to an endorsement is a relatively easy affair, as neither Jackson nor Stewart impresses us as a viable candidate. Either one as Kaine’s opponent would likely only manage to further sink the self-immolating GOP’s fortunes in the Old Dominion.

Freitas, a relative newcomer to the House of Delegates from Culpeper, is not Mount Rushmore material, but he is the last man standing. While robustly conservative, which will work against him in a state that is trending somewhat left, he has the ability to make a coherent case for his party and his own candidacy in a way that neither of his intra-party opponents can.

Republicans hoping to at least have a shot at replacing Kaine should go with Nick Freitas. Any other choice would waste the opportunity to win the seat.

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[thumbdown]to the Sun Gazette endorsing anyone. This newspaper is a reliable facilitator for all things proposed and promoted by the Democratic Regime that's controlled Arlington for almost 40 years. Another [thumbdown] to complaining about Senator Kaine's lackluster performance as a Senator. If the media had focused on Senator Kaine's lackluster performance as Governor - everything from illegally selling I-95 express lanes to a foreign corporation to a panicked response to the 2008 recession - the Sun Gazette's Editor wouldn't be driveling on about Tim Kaine today.

Carol Czarkowski

At the Republican Primary Election on 6/12/18, Corey Stewart is my choice of candidates for US Senator. Corey, in additional to being an International Trade Attorney in his own practice, is currently the At-Large Chairrman of PW County Board of Supervisors, a position where he has served since 2006--re-elected four times. I have been a resident of PW County during his tenure. Corey has been re-elected four times because PW residents have learned to trust he will work diligently to fulfill what he promises. Under Corey's leadership the Board has: placed at least one police officer in every school in PW County; controlled spending which led to a $205 million dollar savings for residents; accomplished largest tax cut in history of PW County; worked to implement one of nation's toughest crackdowns on illegal immigration resulting in PW County turning over more than 8000 criminal illegals to ICE; achieved 24 year low crime rate in PW County; strongly supports unborn and de-funding of Planned Parenthood; led PW County pro-economic growth policy to now have a AAA bond rating from all three credit agencies; and strongly defended and protected historical monuments. Corey is a graduate of George Washington U and William Mitchell College of Law. Corey has an exceptional record in PW County and he will likewise serve the citizens of Virginia if elected as the Republican candidate for US Senate on 6/12/18.

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